Indian wedding invitation wording for your wedding In 2023

January 17, 2023

Indian Wedding Invitation Wording

Whoa! You have finalized your wedding date! That’s such great news. The wedding invitation is the most crucial segment of Indian weddings as we ought to be extra careful with what to include in the invitation card. Be it the Haldi event or the reception, every ceremony associated with your wedding should be of special attention. But are you stressed out with how to deal with wedding invitation messages? Do not fret! We are here to help you out in dealing with formal and casual invitations for your wedding.

What to Include on Your Wedding Invitation

There are a few essential wedding invitation wording line by line which you can incorporate for your invitation.

Host Line

According to this rule, whoever is paying for the event is the host. Indians usually put their parents’ or grandparents’ names in this section. Include the name of the event host and the name of the bride and the groom.

Request / Invitation Line

This section dwells on inviting your loved ones to your main event. You can use your creativity here and express your heartfelt welcome to your guests.


Names of the Couple

The names of the couple should obviously be there. Moreover, if the invitation is going from the bride’s side, then her name should be mentioned before the groom’s name. And if the invitation is from the groom’s side, then his name goes first. Apart from this, if the invitation is being sent from both sides, in that case as well, the bride’s name goes first. However, it is good to seek blessings from the forefathers and thus mention their names in your marriage invitation message.

Parents and Grandparents Names

When we talk about Indian weddings, only paternal grandparents’ names are mentioned. And as far as parents are concerned, their names are written with Mr. and Mrs. Or Smt. And Shri.

Information Line

This section of your wedding invitation text deals with functional details like dress code, theme, RSVP, etc.


Your wedding card can also comprise the information wherein you mention the gifts, as in whether you need them or no gifts for your ceremony.

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A Request to Attend

Indeed, if you invite the guests to be a part of your special event, you would definitely want them to attend the ceremony. You can have a special section wherein you request them to be a part of the auspicious event.

  • “Please honor the event by your presence.”
  • “We invite you to celebrate the special event with us.”

Wedding Invitations Templates for 2023

You can have simple wedding invitations where you have the flexibility to go formal, intimate, or casual while inviting your guests.

Formal Indian Wedding Card Wording

Simple Wedding Invitation Wording Example

Arti and Mohit Sharma
request the pleasure of your company
at the marriage of their daughter
Neeta Sharma
Atul Jain
son of Seema and Mohan Jain
Saturday, October 11
Two thousand twenty-one
The Holiday Inn
Meal, dancing,
and other rituals to follow
Attire: casual

Formal Directions and Accommodations Wording 

The Holiday Inn
5 Malviya Nagar, Jaipur
For guests out of the country:
We request you to take a pre-hired cab from
the airport. Moreover, please be sure that your visa is updated.
We have arranged the rooms.
Please get in touch with the attendants and mention the Guptas
wedding while making your reservations.

Intimate Indian Wedding Wording 

Special Indian wedding Invitation wording

The wedding reception of Mohit and naira
While we desired a big fat Indian wedding, COVID has impacted our plans, but we are still devoted to tying the knot.
We want to invite our dearest friends in Chandigarh to celebrate with us in a cozier setting of our wedding.
We request you to join us at the Triton City for our vows and then to Elements in Vidyadhar Nagar for photos for our wedding photo books, a lunch, and enjoyment. Safety measures details to follow.

Parents as Host

Rashmi and Suresh Verma
request your presence at the Wedding Ceremony of their son
Rohit with Meenal
Daughter of Dr. Mrs. Rita and Jayesh Sharma
on Sunday, September 12, 2021.
at Grand Chanakya, MI Road, New Delhi
Assembly of Baraat –7:00 pm; Wedding – 8:00 pm

Traditional Wedding Invitation

With the heavenly blessings of Late Smt. Shakuntala Kumari & Late Sh Vishwa Dudeja
Mrs. Asha & Lt Col Mahesh Kumar Jadeja
awaits your gracious presence on the auspicious event
of the wedding of their daughter
Shivi with Abhijeet
(S/o Mrs. Meeta Vohora & Late Sh Bharat Vohora)
on Sunday, September 12 2021
Reception of Baraat – 8:00 pm
Dinner – 9:00 pm
at Hotel Shiv View, Chandigarh

Indian Wedding Invitation Wording


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Casual Indian Wedding Rituals Wording

Sometimes we think so many things at a time, that when it comes to saying we lack words. Specially during a wedding ceremony – so many things to do and less hands to handle. Hence, here are a few casual Indian wedding ritual wording that you can use in your card.

Casual Mehndi Night Wording

We invite you, our dearest loved ones, to join us for our Mehndi night.
This is a special occasion for us. And we wish to celebrate it with our dearest family & friends where we can enjoy good chit-chat and great delicacies.
Dress code: traditional
Hard beverages would accompany the delicacies, and Indian food would be served. Please bring your love and your mask along with you.

7:00 pm IST
Hotel Grand Uniara

Casual Indian Wedding Wording

Casual Indian Wedding Wording

Mohit and Kriti are getting hitched.
You are graciously invited to celebrate the wedding ceremony of Mohit and Kriti along with your family.

9:00AM – 11:00AM EST

Virtual Wedding Rituals Invitation Wording

Let’s face it, it is not possible to go, meet and send messages to everyone physically. So, these days people are sending out virtual wedding messages instead. And what do we write in the messages? Here’s a sample.

Virtual Invitation Wording for Mehndi

Virtual Invitation Wording for Mehndi

The wedding of Anita and Aman is just around the corner.
Please join us to let our beautiful bride-to-be, Anita, feel special as she prepares herself for the big event with a virtual Mehndi.
Saturday, September 18th, from 8 to 9 pm.
Zoom link to follow
Please join in for as long as you can. Anita would be too delighted with your presence.
And your good wishes and blessings will be of great importance to her. Eager to meet you soon, on Zoom!

Virtual Wedding Invitation Wording

Aman and Shivani’s Digital Wedding
Hosted by Aman and Shivani
Covid has hit all of us, and we are grateful to have a reason to celebrate. Do not forget to join us online at the Zoom link shared for an event and a few fun activities and love from dear ones. We are also planning our wedding photo book theme as retro. Please be dressed up accordingly.
Thursday, September 30
11:30 am IST

Wedding Invitation Quotes and Messages Ideas

When it comes to our special day, we get on our edges to make everything perfect and especially our wedding invitation cards. So, here are a few quotes and messages that you can use in your wedding card to invite your guests.

Traditional Wedding Invitation Quotes 2023

1. We may not have it all together, but together we have it all. Your presence at the wedding will make us happier. Save the date and join us in the ceremony.

2. This day is for us special. A time beyond compare. We hope you will come and share your presence there with us. Means more than words can say. Please try to be there to celebrate this special day.

3. Your presence will be so appreciated and mean a lot. Please try to come and join the ceremony.

Funny Wedding Invitation Quotes

1. Come for the cake but stay for the vows!

2. Want free drinks? Our wedding is the place to be.

3. We’ve ordered a really expensive cake. Please help us not to waste it.

Unique Wedding Invitation Messages for WhatsApp

1. My dearest friend! I could not forget about you on my wedding day. I sincerely hope that you will give me the honor of attending my big day.

2. We wholeheartedly want to invite you and your entire family to attend our wedding ceremony. Come and witness our vows and give us sincere prayers for our further life.

3. A lot of things in life are temporary – they come and go. However, marriage happens only once. You should come to our wedding and witness the loving hearts being united.

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Casual Wedding Invitation Messages 2023

1. We are honored to invite you, dearest friends, to the wedding of our son/daughter, who is about to start his or her new experience in life and tie the knot with his or her future husband or wife.

2. We expect your blessing more than anything on our wedding day. Let us all enjoy the holy occasion with your sweet presence.

3. The joy of this wedding is incomplete without your presence in it. You have shared in our lives with your friendship. Let’s share the joy together.

Wedding Invitation Messages for Brothers and Sisters

1. Dear brother, I invite you to my wedding ceremony of mine to be held this Sunday. I look forward to your presence on occasion with your love.

2. This text carries the wedding invitation for my marriage to be held this Tuesday. I would love to have you, my sister, beside me with all your love and support.

3. I am sending the wedding invitation to my marriage to be held this Sunday at the Plaza. I look forward to your arrival with your blessings and love at the earliest.

Best Marriage Invitation Messages for Friends and Family

1. We bring you happy tidings. We will be starting a new chapter of our life this weekend. We modestly request you to bless us with your presence.

2. It is with radiant smiles that we share the good news of our wedding to officiate our marriage. We cordially invite you to celebrate this festive occasion with us.

3. Ecstatically, I announce the news of my marriage to my sweetheart. Your participation is fervently needed.

Marriage Invitation Messages from the Bride and the Groom

1. Because you have believed in us, celebrated with us, loved, and encouraged us, we humbly ask you to join us on our big day.

2. As a proud husband/wife-to-be, I present to you the news of my wedding with my husband or wife’s name. We desire to see you at this auspicious event with your family.

3. Dear friends, we would like to invite you to our wedding ceremony. Bless us with your presence. We hope that you will make it to our special day and see the strengthening of our unbreakable union in person.

Marriage Invitation Message from Parents

1. You are cordially invited to attend our wedding. Your presence will glorify our event.

2. I request the pleasure of your company at our wedding, and we will be thankful to you if you brighten our celebration with your presence.

3. We request your presence on the day of our marriage. Please join us with your family on 31st Jan.

Best Marriage Invitation Messages from the Bride’s Family

1. Our daughter is to enter a new phase of her life. We request the pleasure of your company on this marriage occasion.

2. We request you to bless our daughter and to-be son-in-law with your presence on 10th Jan as we gather to celebrate the holy bond of the marriage of our children!

3. It is with radiant smiles that we share the good news of our daughter’s marriage. We invite you to celebrate this festive occasion with them.

Marriage Invitation Messages from the Groom’s Family

1. We are incredibly proud to announce that our son is getting married. Your honorable presence is requested to make this merry occasion a success.

2. My son will be exchanging wedding vows on 22nd Dec. You’re cordially requested to attend the joyous event.

3. It is with great jubilation that we announce the news of our Son’s marriage. Your presence at the wedding ceremony is highly requested.

Short But Sweet Wedding Invitation Messages

1. We are inviting you to celebrate the day when we take our next large step in the relationship. We would be incredibly grateful if you came to celebrate our love together with us!

2. It gives us great joy to cordially invite you to our big day. Your presence in the ceremony will mean everything to us.

3. You are officially invited to our upcoming wedding to celebrate the meeting of two loving hearts. We would love to see you at the ceremony and hear your sincere prayers for our union.

Royal Wedding Invitation Messages 2023

1. We are happy to announce that we would like to make our dream of being eternally come true. Therefore, our friends, we invite you to our amazing ceremony and join us in our happy emotions.

2. You have always been a big part of our lives. Let us share the big day as we unite our souls in a bond of love and devotion. You are cordially invited!

3. We are taking an important step in our future life, so we just have to call you to be there for us.

Minimal Wedding Invitation Messages

1. Love chose us, and I chose you to be a special guest at our wedding. Please, come here and be with me on this exciting day!

2. Two things will make us incredibly happy on the day of our wedding. The first one is our actual ceremony, and the second one is you being here for us.

3. So, I asked her to be my wife, and she replied yes. Long story short, now we have to throw a wedding. And what is a wedding without plenty of guests?

Virtual Wedding Invitation Wishes

1. Come to our wedding and dance the night away, like you always do!

2. No excuses, friend! You are going to be there on the day when we give each other our hearts and souls.

3. We know that our public display of affection can sometimes be too much for you, but just one last time, we are asking you to attend our ceremony.

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FAQs on Wedding Invitation Messages

1) How to politely ask guests when they are coming?

  • Hello there! I trust you had a time to see the invitation to our marriage. If you're able to attend or not, just let me know.

2) How do I invite people to my wedding on WhatsApp?

  • You can either send a e-card or video, or normally invite sending a WhatsApp message with the time, and venue.

3) How do I write a wedding invitation?

  • At first divide the content in three parts. Start will requesting your guests to come. Then mention all the names – who is the bride, who is the groom, who are their parents. Then move on to the actual details – the time, date, venue and dress code.

4) How do I make a wedding invitation unique?

  • You can make it unique by adding funny messages and quotes or keep the design unique. No matter what, every marriage card is unique because every card has a unique love story behind it.

Ready to hold your memories in hand?