50 Best Wedding Captions For Instagram That Couple Can Use

November 06, 2023

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Hello, my dear readers! You surely will be on cloud nine after marrying the love of your life. Isn't it? The feeling of marrying your partner is indeed great. Marriage is a beautiful bond that binds the two souls to each other.

And if scrolling through social media is your morning cup of coffee, you are perhaps eager to flaunt your wedding shots on Instagram. But there is that forever question ‘What to write as a caption?’. At times, it gets really difficult. I know, I can feel you. Hence, I wrote this article. Tadah! This article will help you to pen down the best wedding captions for Instagram for your pictures. Sounds quite exciting, right? Without any delay, let us quickly get into this.

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Funny Wedding Captions for Instagram

It is your Instagram profile, and you have all the rights to manage it the way you want. How about adding a peppy touch to your Instagram by penning down the funny wedding captions for Instagram? These are perfect if you are NOT the bride or groom.

Funny Wedding Captions for Instagram
  • “You know, my friends got married”
  • “I'm here for the cake.”
  • “Thanks to my dear cuties for showing me what love looks like.”
  • “So, now I can say my friends got hitche”
  • “Congratulations to my favorite couple! But don't forget, I'm still single.”
  • “Wishing you both the same kind of satisfaction and happiness that I find shopping at the mall.”
  • “There is always a woman in your life who agrees for you.”
  • “From today onwards, you have my back.”

Simple Wedding Captions for Instagram

If you are looking for simple wedding captions for Instagram, then check out this list. It will help you to add a simple Instagram caption for wedding pictures. Along with using these Instagram, use them in floating frames. After all, who doesn't like to make their memories permanent? So, use these wedding vibes captions for Instagram our wall art. And trust me, you have all the liberty to experiment with the cute romantic couple photo poses.

  • “Anyone can say yes. It takes a dedicated one to be with you”
  • “Today, two hearts become one.”
  • “I am the happiest that I married my soulmate.”
  • “And suddenly, I knew that you were my everything.”
  • “Cheers to love, laughter, and a lifetime of adventures”
Floating Frame

Pre Wedding-Caption for Instagram

Pre-wedding shoots are quite special. They give you the royal feeling and that tinkling also starts that now you are about to get married. So, who is stopping you from flaunting those pictures on Instagram? Have a look at these pre-wedding captions for Instagram.

And do not hesitate to flaunt your pre-wedding shoot ideas while getting your shots clicked.

  • “My dear, you made me fall in love again. Thank you.”
  • “The day I met you, I decided you are going to handle my tantrums.”
  • “I can conquer the world, if you are with me.”
  • “Wedding season is back. And this time, it is our wedding. And that means we can ace our pre-wedding photoshoots.”

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Bride Captions for Instagram

Becoming a bride is indeed a special feeling. Then, why not flaunt its pictures? Here are some interesting bride captions for Instagram. Have a look at them. It is your wedding pictures, the way you want to use, you can. Along with uploading your pictures on Instagram, use them in your couple photo album. Flipping through the pages of memories will reignite the romance between you both. And it is one of the best creative ways to preserve wedding memories.

Bride Captions for Instagram
  • “Do I already look like Mrs.?”
  • “I was so excited to be Manish Malhotra bride. And I became one.”
  • “At least now I don't have to plan the wedding anymore.”
  • “It is the celebration time, I'm changing my last name!”
  • “Finally, I became the bride like those beautiful Bollywood actresses.”
  • “Walked down an aisle and found my forever.”

Groom Captions for Instagram

Why should brides have all the fun? The grooms also have the right to show off their handsome shots on their Instagram feed. But pictures are incomplete without the captions. Check out these groom captions for Instagram.

Don't limit your wedding pictures only to Instagram. Flaunt them in your photo book. You can definitely try out your creative Instagram photo book ideas.

Groom Captions for Instagram
  • “Why only brides have all the fun?”
  • “Flaunting SRK vibes, after all I am the groom.”
  • “I have all the rights to be fashionable. I am the groom.”
  • “Tenu lekke me jawanga”
  • “Starting a new chapter with the one who completes me.”

Friend's Wedding Captions for Instagram

The importance of friends is surely beyond measure. They hold a very special place for us. Have a look at these friend's wedding captions for Instagram. Friends are worth celebrating. So, how about preserving the moments you have created with them?

  • “I am glad, finally got settled.”
  • “It's time to celebrate. My friend got married.”
  • “We'll party till we die.”
  • “Finally, they both completed their courtship an got married.”
  • “They go together just like rajma with chawal.”

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Brother Wedding Captions for Instagram

No matter how annoying your brother is, you surely love him a lot. Then, why not showcase it on Instagram? Confused about what to write? Check out these brother wedding captions for Instagram.

Brother wedding Captions for Instagram
  • “I am proud of you for giving me such a wonderful bhabhi.”
  • “Bhai, you could not have made happier. Congratulations on your wedding.”
  • “My dear brother, may your life be filed with happiness.”
  • “Finally, my baby brother became the groom.”
  • “My brother's wedding, a day to cherish forever.”

Sister Wedding Captions for Instagram

Sisters are those chirpy birds who simply fill your life with happiness. You surely love your sister a lot. So, why not flaunt your love for them? Here are some interesting sister wedding captions for Instagram.

Sister wedding Captions for Instagram
  • “I am so happy that my baby princess became the bride.”
  • “Now, your dream of being Sabyasachi bride got fulfilled.”
  • “My happiness is on another level, seeing my baby sister getting married to the love.”
  • “Now, go and bother your boyfriend, oh, now your husband. Have a happy life ahead.”

Instagram Captions for Newly Married Couple

We love spending time on Instagram. Then, it is a great idea to flaunt your beautiful memories over social media. Enlisted below are Instagram captions for newly married couples.

  • “You know what, my love, you turned my romantic dreams into reality.”
  • “Since the time you have entered my life, I became the happiest soul.”
  • “I would surely not have been this happy without you.”
  • “I have got the millions of reasons to love you.”

Wedding Quotes for Instagram

Wedding holds a very special importance in our hearts. Here are some wedding quotes for Instagram. They will surely add a flair of beauty to your pictures. Moreover, why to limit these wedding quotes for Instagram, add them in a cute photo album. And as it belongs to you, you can experiment with your couple photo album ideas.

Wedding quotes for Instagram
  • “You have me for the lifetime.”
  • “This is our beginning of forever.”
  • “Through the course of time, I realized how much you mean to me”.
  • “My life blossoms because of you”.

Closing Words on Wedding Captions

So, my dear readers, now you are aware of how to make your Instagram feed appear attractive. If you are stuck and wondering about what to write with your wedding pictures, then let this informative piece help you out. We are sure this list of wedding captions for Instagram would surely have helped you.

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FAQs Related to Wedding Caption for Instagram

1) How can I make my wedding caption on Instagram unique and memorable?

  • Don't let these wedding captions go in vain. Make your wedding captions thoughtful by transforming them into Picsy's premium quality photo products like Acrylic Print, Floating Frame, Vinyl Poster Frames, Canvas Prints, Photo Books, etc.

2) Are there any general tips for writing wedding captions for Instagram?

  • Although there are no such general tips for writing captions but one thing that you should ensure is that you flaunt your love for your partner. Just pen down whatever you feel for them.

3) What are the cute short wedding quotes?

  • “You have me for the lifetime.”
  • “This is our beginning of forever.”
  • “Through the course of time, I realized how much you mean to me”.
  • “My life blossoms because of you”.

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