15 Unique Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas

November 09, 2023

Pre Wedding Photo Books

Getting married? Congratulations! The moments leading up to your Big Day are going to be some of the most cherished ones of your entire life. And that's where creative pre wedding photoshoots step in; a beautiful way of immortalizing your beautiful bond. Here are 15 pre-wedding photography ideas that will tell your love story.

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Tips for Pre Wedding Photoshoot

As the big day approaches, pre wedding photoshoots have become an integral part. Whether it is pre wedding photoshoot ideas indoors or at the beach, pretty pictures are more than a paper, it is a keepsake, nostalgia, a milestone. It is irreplaceable. So, here are some quick tips on pre wedding photoshoots so that you can keep these memories safe and also use them as an invitation wedding card.

  • Try to reflect on your love story. How it started and how you guys ended up marrying each other.
  • Choose the location beforehand that will help to portray your love story.
  • When you are done with the location, don't forget your outfits. Decide in combination.
  • Try not to pose. Let the photographer take candid moments. Relax and enjoy the pre wedding photography session.

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Pre Wedding Photoshoot Ideas

A pre-wedding photoshoot is not just about creating memories, it is about crafting and reliving your wonderful love story. Let's see how can make the story better with pre wedding photo shoot ideas.

1. Classic Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Classic Pre Wedding Photoshoot

What speaks of undying love better than a Classic black and white picture? Go timeless! If you want to get best wedding photography tips and ideas in black and white you can search online before the shooting session.

2. Monumental Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Monumental Pre Wedding Photoshoot

The love you feel for your partner is nothing less than a monument. After all, monuments like the Taj Mahal are one the best pre wedding photoshoot places. Why not incorporate these images into your pre-wedding photo album?

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3. Beach Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Beach Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Hearing the call of the ocean, the rush of the waves, the feel of the sand under your toes? We are talking about the epic romantic beach pre wedding shoot ideas. Have your creative pre wedding photoshoot at the beach. It's simple, it's relaxing and the sunsets are always gorgeous.

4. Couple Gym Photoshoot for Pre Wedding

Couple Gym Photoshoot for Pre Wedding

We all know, the couple that works out together, stays together. Show off your love in a place you love, the gym. So why not do the pre wedding shoot poses in the gym, right? It has to be one of the most unique wedding album ideas in history.

5. Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Rain

Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Rain

There is something truly romantic about the rain. And if you are in it with your loved one, the sparks are bound to fly. Try rainy pre wedding photo ideas and let those silver droplets tell your story.

6. Pre Wedding Silhouette Photography

Pre Wedding Silhouette Photography

Want a Pre wedding shoot idea that is truly dreamy? Get captured in silhouette and let the shades of the evening do the talking. It is also a great way to preserve wedding memories, bride and groom in front of the light reflecting a dreamy silhouette.

7. Pre Wedding Underwater Photoshoot

Pre Wedding Underwater Photoshoot

The story of a sailor falling in love with a mermaid has long warmed our hearts. You better learn the underwater photography tricks. Then give it a contemporary twist by telling the surface dwellers of your unconditional love.

8. Pre Wedding Photoshoot with Smoke Stick

Pre Wedding Photoshoot with Smoke Stick

Don't worry about the pre wedding shoot location. All you need is a terrace at night. They say love is all smoke and mirrors. Prove them right with the burst of color of a smoke stick.

9. Miniature Pre Wedding Shoot

Miniature Pre Wedding Shoot

Need pre wedding photoshoot ideas indoors? Here's something quirky. Get captured with your loved one in the miniature. It's trendy, it's goofy and it's downright adorable.

10. Pre Wedding Graffiti Photoshoot

Pre Wedding Graffiti Photoshoot

Looking for a simple pre wedding photoshoot? Graffiti photoshoot idea is the one you must like! Let street art tell your story. When in doubt, chill out. Because here you neither have to worry about pre wedding photoshoot dress ideas nor an artificial backdrop. Here you can go as you like.

11. Pre Wedding Photoshoot On the Ground

Pre Wedding Photoshoot On the Ground

Did you fall in love? Make it part of your Pre wedding photoshoot. Give your love a whole new perspective; an amazing pre wedding photo shoot on the ground.

12. Fairytale Pre Wedding Photography

Fairytale Pre Wedding Photography

Did you too grow up on tales of princes and princesses? Step into their shoes and turn your pre wedding photoshoot into the fairy-tale that it is.

13. Desert Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Desert Pre Wedding Photoshoot

An hourglass can hold no more than a handful of sand and yet we use it to tell time. What says eternal love more than a sea of sand.

14. Traditional Pre-wedding Photoshoot

Traditional Pre-wedding Photoshoot

If you are looking for pre wedding photoshoot ideas indoor, this is it. Connect with your roots. Dress up in traditional attire and be desi, dil se. Pre wedding photoshoot ideas in saree are of the most beautiful pre wedding shoot ideas ever!

15. Pre Wedding Shoot in Snow

Pre Wedding Shoot in Snow

Snowflakes are kisses from heaven. How about being captured sharing a few with your beloved while enjoying a white winter


So here we are. You now have 15 truly unique pre wedding shoot ideas. From style and class to quirky and fun, there are ideas here for every couple. So what are you waiting for, call up your friendly neighborhood photographer and get him on the job. But how do you keep these moments intact? Are they fated to stay caged in your smartphone forever? Picsy offers top of the line photo printing options to make your pre wedding photo album the tome of your love story. What do you have to do? Send us your photos, choose your album and we will deliver your cherished moments of true love right to your doorstep. We wish you and your loved one a happy forever!

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FAQs Related to Pre Wedding Photoshoot

1) How will you preserve your Pre-Wedding memories?

  • Pre wedding memories look lovely on the walls. It is not a traditional wedding image yet has the vibe of the great knot. So frame them with poster frames, canvas prints or acrylic prints and give a new romantic dimension to your home décor.

2) What can be the best wedding gift you can give someone at their wedding?

  • Wedding gifts should be thoughtful and personalized. Hence the best gift can be photo calendars or photobooks where you can add memorable photos of the couple and let the newlyweds cherish those treasured memories for life.

3) What can be the best pre wedding gift for the bride from her friends?

  • Friendship stories are irreplaceable. A photo book consisting of childhood to adulthood journey piled in photographs is the best gift you can give.

Ready to hold your memories in hand?