Updated: May 28,2024

Cute Indian Baby Names

Those cute faces and adorable smiles bring a bundle of joy and just take away our gloominess. And the news of the baby birth announcement induces happiness in our lives. So, along with newborn baby wishes , these babies should be given distinctive names that make them feel proud whenever they hear someone addressing them. But do you get confused in deciding which name is appropriate for them that could complement their personality as well?

Or which will be the best Indian baby names? Please, don’t fret. Prepare your favorite coffee and relax because we are here to help you throughout. We have chalked out this really interesting list of names that will help you to choose the perfect one for your newborn.

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Best Indian Baby Names 2024

We have this really amazing list of Indian baby names that you could use in 2024. Let’s check out the hindu baby boy and girl names with meanings. Starting with the boy.

Which is the Best Name for the Hindu Boy?

Hindu Boy Baby Names

There are times we want our little baby’s name to be sound just perfect. Yet we run out of ideas. We come up with many nicknames and people start calling him this and that but being an Indian parent, we often stumble upon which name is best for boy hindu 2024?

So, here are a few ideas that are modern Indian baby names with a touch of fusion. Keep reading.

Hindu Baby Boy Names Inspired by Indian Musical Ragas

Are you one of those Indian parents who are into music? Then these Hindu baby names inspired by musical ragas can sound good to you.

BhairavThe raga of Lord Shiva
YamanPeaceful and meditative raga
TodiThe raga that represents the morning time
KedarA raga that represents canopy of clouds
JogJog is a raga with a spiritual quality
BasantA bright raga that represents spring
KafiA soulful and melancholic raga
MarwaA deep and introspective raga

Hindu Baby Boy Names Inspired by Nature

Boy Names Inspired by Nature

If music is not your thing, can it be nature? Does that sound good? Here are baby boy names Hindu 2024 a to z that is inspired by nature.

AaravCalm like ocean
BirjuSinging bird
ChaitanyaConsciousness / spring season
DakshA type of wood / skilled and precise
EshaanNorthern direction
FirdausA type of flower/ paradise
IshaanThe Sun / prosperity
JaiJasmine flower / victory
KunalWater lily or lotus
LovyamThe Sun
MohitAttractive flower
NishantNight or dawn
OmThe divine/ universe
PranabOm/the universe
QadirA type of tree
RohitFirst rays of the Sun
TarunA type of tree/youthful
VedKnowledge of nature
WamanA type of bird
XitijEast direction
YashSpring / fame or success

Hindu Baby Boy Names Inspired by Mythology

Hindu mythology is rich with fascinating stories, characters, and traditions, making it a popular source of inspiration for parents looking for Hindu baby boy names & girl baby names. Here are 10 Hindu latest baby boy names 2024 inspired by mythology:

1. Aryan : Aryan means "noble" or "honorable". In Hindu mythology, the Aryans were a group of noble people who were believed to be the ancestors of the Hindu people.

2. Arjun : Arjun is a popular name that means "bright" or "shining". It is the name of one of the five Pandava brothers in the epic Mahabharata, who was a skilled archer and warrior.

3. Dheeraj : Dheeraj means "patience" or "tolerance". It is the name of Lord Shiva's son, who was known for his calm and patient nature.

4. Karna : Karna means "ear" or "radiant". In Hindu mythology, Karna was a brave warrior who fought on the side of the Kauravas in the epic Mahabharata.

5. Krish : Krish is a shortened form of the name Krishna, which means "dark" or "black". Krishna is one of the most popular and beloved deities in Hindu mythology, known for his playful and mischievous nature.

6. Manu : Manu means "man" or "human". In Hindu mythology, Manu was the first man and the progenitor of the human race.

7. Rishi : Rishi means "sage" or "wise". In Hindu mythology, rishis were the sages who devoted their lives to the study of the Vedas and the pursuit of spiritual knowledge.

8. Sagar : Sagar means "ocean" or "sea". In Hindu mythology, the ocean is often associated with the divine and is considered a symbol of purity and renewal.

9. Shakti : Shakti means "power" or "energy". In Hindu mythology, Shakti is the feminine principle of the universe and is often associated with the goddess Durga.

10. Yuvraj : Yuvraj means "crown prince" or "heir apparent". It is a popular name in Hindu mythology, as many of the great kings and warriors were known as yuvrajs.

These are just a few of the many Hindu baby boy names that are inspired by mythology. By choosing a name that has a special meaning or connection to Hindu traditions and stories, parents can give their child unique baby names 2024 that they will cherish for a lifetime.

Modern Indian Baby Boy Names

Choosing a name for your baby is a significant and exciting decision, and many parents these days are opting for baby name finder apps for modern and unique names for their children. If you are looking for modern Hindu baby boy names that have a contemporary feel while still being rooted in tradition, here are 10 suggestions to consider.

AdvaitUnique or unparalleled
DivitImmortal or forever
DhruvPole star
KianGrace of God
KrishShortened version of Krishna
NivaanHoly or pure
ReyaanRay of light
RyanLittle king
TanishDesire or ambition

These modern Hindu baby boy names are unique, trendy, and rooted in tradition. Each name has its own distinct meaning, allowing parents to choose a name that represents their child's personality and character.

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Trending Indian Baby Boy Names 2024

Let us take a quick look at the trendy names for your baby boy to select from along with their meanings.

AarnikOne of its kind
AdvikHaving no equivalent
AgneyBorn from fire
AritPraised forever
AshwinLight/ mighty horse
AvanishLord of the Earth
AyaanGift of God
ChitralVariety of colors
DarshitTo respect
DeexantGift of the Almighty
DhavitPurified, pure
ErishTo cherish
IravajBorn of water
IshinCommanding/ powerful
IshirFire/ powerful/ refreshing
IvaanGracious gift
JivinTo give life
NirvaanThe ultimate bliss
PratyayAn auxiliary
PratyushRising Sun
PriyeshLoved by God
ReyanshA part of swift stream
SamarthyaCapable/ efficient
SameerGust of wind or gentle breeze
SarinThe helpful one
TavishStrong and energetic
TiyashQuest or thirst
UrvishLord of the earth
VehantWisdom and intelligence
VihaanMorning/ dawn
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Which is the Best Name for the Hindu Girl?

Choosing the perfect name for your baby girl is an exciting but challenging task. There are so many beautiful names to choose from, each with its unique meaning and cultural significance. To help you find the best name for your little one, we have compiled a list of 20 Indian baby girl names with meaning inspired by Indian musical ragas, nature, Hindu mythology, modern trends, and flowers.

Hindu Baby Girl Names Inspired by Indian Musical Ragas

If you want to explore Indian baby girl and boy names, there are countless in the internet but I believe, you are looking for something unique yet easy to pronounce. Check these new born baby name that perfect if you are a music enthusiast. Don’t forget to get new born baby photoshoot ideas in the meantime.

AnandiJoy and happiness raga
BhairaviDevotion and spirituality raga
KedarLonging and yearning raga
MadhuvantiSweetness and charm raga
MalharRain and monsoon raga
MeghClouds raga
MohanaEnchantment raga
PuriyaLove and romance raga
ShivranjaniPeace and tranquillity raga
YamanBeauty and grace raga

Hindu Baby Girl Names Inspired by Nature

Are you one of those parents who appreciate nature? Here are a few names for newborn baby girls that are inspired by nature.

AvaniEarth or nature
IshikaSmall arrow that represents the power of natural elements
KavyaCreativity of nature / poetry
MaliniGarlanded with flowers
NavyaFreshness of nature/new
SaanviGoddess of nature
SairaA bird
ShailiNatural form, inspired by the beauty of nature

Hindu Baby Girl Names Inspired by Hindu Mythology

Love the Hindu mythology and want your little angel to have those divine ring to their names? Check out the list of names.

IndiraGoddess Lakshmi
JayaGoddess Durga
AnjaliOffering or blessing
GauriGoddess Parvati
LakshmiGoddess of prosperity
MeeraBeloved devotee of Lord Krishna
RadhaALord Krishna’s beloved
KaliGoddess kali, avatar of Maa Durga
SitaLord Rama’s wife

Modern Indian Baby Girl Names

Tired of same old names? Check out these modern hindu baby girl names for your little one.

AdvikaOne of a kind
IshaGoddess or ruler
IshitaLonged for or desired
KairaPeaceful or unique
KiaraLittle dark and attractive girl

Hindu Baby Girl Names Inspired by Flowers

Girl Names Inspired by Flowers

Choosing a unique and uncommon name for your baby can be a beautiful and meaningful way to celebrate their individuality and create a special bond between you and your child. Here is a list of baby names 2024 India that are for little angels inspired by flowers.

GulmoharFlamboyant flower
JuiJasmine flower
KusumSmall flower
LataFlower vine
MadhuriSweetness of flower
ParijatHeavenly flower
PriyadarshiniLovely to look at
RajnandiniPrincess of flowers
RijheeA flower that blooms

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Top Indian Baby Girl Names 2024

Let us look at the trendy names for your baby girl to select from along with their meanings.

AahnaFirst Rays of Sun/beautiful/to exist
AdreetaLoved and adored
AdrijaMountain born
AdyaThe first/goddess of Power
AgrimaThe first
AiyanaEverblooming flower/eternal blossom
AlishaNoble natured
AmeyaPure/ innocent
AnanyaUnique/having no equivalent
AnushaBeautiful morning
AnvitaOne who bridges the gap
ArpitaDedication to the divine
AvniMother Earth
BhavikaRighteous, honest, cheerful
DiyaSmall oil lamp that spreads brightness
LavanyaGrace or beauty
NavyaNew and forever young
OshinPatience and endurance
PranjaliHonest and sincere
PriyashaBeautiful hope
ReyhanaSweet-smelling flower of paradise
RidhimaFull of love
SahanaPowerful/ enduring
SuramyaExtremely beautiful
TanishqaGoddess of gold
TanviBlissful, delicate and beautiful
TanyaFairy queen
VanyaGracious gift of God
YuthikaMultitude, flower
ZinniaBright flowers

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Baby Names from Popular Religions

In India, people tend to stick to some popular names according to their geographical preferences. Like in South India, the name ‘Bala’ is very famous, and in Bengal, you will find 5 ‘Subhankar’ out of 50. So, here is a list of baby names from popular religions for both girls and boys that you can use to name your lovely new member.

Latest Punjabi Baby Girl Names

  • Baljeet
  • Gaganpreet
  • Manpreet
  • Bhupinder
  • Jaspreet

Best Punjabi Baby Boy Names

  • Romey
  • Kehar
  • Gurtej
  • Amanpreet
  • Harjap

Creative Gujarati Baby Girl Names

  • Abhilasha
  • Binal
  • Devanshi
  • Hamsa
  • Juhi

Amazing Gujarati Baby Boy Names

  • Ajay
  • Chetash
  • Udesh
  • Nayan
  • Suresh

Best Telugu Baby Girl Names

  • Aanya
  • Brindavani
  • Deepshika
  • Garvita
  • Kundini

Special Telugu Baby Boy Names

  • Vishnu
  • Likhith
  • Urnik
  • Srisurya
  • Sohith

Amazing Tamil Baby Girl Names

  • Hasini
  • Varsha
  • Mokshitha
  • Kirthi
  • Vishalini

Thoughtful Tamil Baby Boy Names

  • Sai
  • Yugan
  • Dasvanth
  • Tharun
  • Kanish

Sweet Parsi Baby Girl Names

  • Afarin
  • Almas
  • Amineh
  • Amira
  • Anahita
  • Anisa

Unique Parsi Baby Boy Names

  • Abbas
  • Caspar
  • Farid
  • Kian
  • Morad

Trending Marathi Baby Girl Names

  • Apoorva
  • Chitra
  • Daksha
  • Gamini
  • Heena

Unique Marathi Baby Boy Names

  • Abhay
  • Abhilash
  • Omkar
  • Sahil
  • Swaraj

Sweet Bengali Baby Girl Names

  • Aaruni
  • Rupali
  • Bimla
  • Trishna
  • Tanushree

Lovely Bengali Baby Boy Names

  • Sujoy
  • Arup
  • Biman
  • Rajdeep
  • Kartik

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Amazing Malayalam Baby Girl Names

  • Abhitha
  • Iksita
  • Tejini
  • Vamika
  • Sabari

Stylish Malayalam Baby Boy Names

  • Aalap
  • Devkumar
  • Gugan
  • Kevalin
  • Khosal

Common Muslim Baby Girl Names

  • Aaleyah
  • Fareeda
  • Habiba
  • Hafsah
  • Mahfuzah

Best Muslim Baby Boy Names

  • Aazir
  • Kabir
  • Zulfiker
  • Zayn
  • Ahmed

Top Christian Baby Girl Names

  • Abigail
  • Anna
  • Delilah
  • Eva
  • Joanna

Amazing Christian Baby Boy Names

  • Aaron
  • Caleb
  • Daniel
  • Ethan
  • Jacob

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Trending Baby Names List

Baby's names should be trendy to let your baby fall in love with it. Wondering what trendy names are? Let us help you through it. Have a look at this trending baby names. Don't let these names go wasted. Preserve them by incorporating them into canvas photo prints. When you hang them in your child's room, they will feel how important they are to you.

  • Kashiya
  • Naya
  • Kanan
  • Atharv
  • Arayana
  • Arav

Twin Boy Baby Names

Being blessed with twin boys is going to give you the feeling of love and Kush. Remember the sons of Lord Ram and Goddess Sita? To give your baby boys meaningful names, check out this list of twin baby boy names.

  • Arjun and Aryan
  • Advait and Arav
  • Krish and Keshav
  • Mohan and Madhav
  • Samar and Shaurya
  • Vihaan and Vivaan

Twin Girl Baby Names

Having twin girls at home is indeed a great feeling. But naming them can be quite difficult. Have a look at this list of twin baby girls' names. And don't forget to surprise your princesses with acrylic photo prints.

  • Adhira and Ava
  • Aradhna and Ahaana
  • Aashi and Rashi
  • Keya and Kaira
  • Aanya and Ashi
  • Myra and Maya
  • Zara and Zoya

Twin Boy Girl Baby Names

Having twins at home anyway accentuates happiness. Wondering how to name them? Here are some names that you can use for your twin boy names.

  • Dhruv and Tara
  • Ayush and Ahana
  • Daksh and Dua
  • Hardik and Hitiksha
  • Karan and Kanishka

Indian Baby Names from Every Zodiac Sign

We Indians strongly believe in Zodiac signs. Check out these zodiac sign names for your babies. And personalize your child's pictures into a photo book. And for top-Quality custom photo books, rely on Picsy.

Zodiac SignSuggested lettersBoys NameGirls Name
Aries (Mesh)A, L, E, I, OAviratArika
Taurus (Vrishabh)B, V, U, WUjasVamika
Gemini (Mithoon)K, CHH, GH, Q, CKairavKaveri
Cancer (Kark)DD, HHiteshHeer
Leo (Singh)M, TTManasTaashi
Virgo (Kanya)P, TT, HPranilPari
Libra (Tula)R, TRiyaarthRuhina
Scorpius (Vrishchak)N, YNivaanNiyas
Sagittarius (Dhanu)BH, F, DHDharvDhara
Capricorn (Makar)KH, JJivinKhevna
Aquarius (Kumbh)G, S, SHSaketSaanvi
Pisces (Meen)D, CH, Z, TH,JHJhalakZaara

How to Choose a Name for Your Baby?

We understand that choosing the best Hindu baby names can be quite difficult. So, to ease out your task we have added a few tips and tricks to choose an appropriate name for your offspring.

Let me help you with a list of baby names and how you can choose it so that you can take out some time to document your baby’s first year.

(Grand) Parents NameBaby’s NameMeaning
Anushka & AnshAnushanshiA divine blessing that radiates light
Indrani & SunnySundraniBeautiful woman
Neelam & RahulNeelrahBlue moon
Megha & RohitMeghitRaindrops of the Sun
Gigi & ZaynZigiOne who brings joy
Rika & PranabPrarikaNew beginning
Anima & HariAnihariBoundless affection

Classic Names Don’t Need to Be Boring

When we talk about using classic names, we nowhere imply that everyone should name their kids as conventional. It would surely sound not very interesting when you call them. So, opt for names from different cultures to not make them sound interesting. And don’t forget to look at some baby photo canvas ideas.

Seek Inspiration from the Family Tree

Family Tree Inspiration

Another interesting place that inspires you is your family tree. Definitely, your parent will have a great collection of family pictures. There is nothing special about choosing the name that not only your kid will love but also holds a great association. If you feel a bit stressed with how to deal with this, then dig into the collection of photo canvas prints that your mother or grandmother holds in their treasure box and choose the best name amongst them.

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Look for the Meanings

It is essential to look for the meaning when you select the names that hold meaning with them. Any name that doesn’t hold meaning will not sound good either to your kid or to you. So, select a name for your kid that holds meaning and place in your heart.

Think About the Nicknames

Baby Nicknames

Let us accept the fact that we address our kids with cute nicknames. So, their actual name should be such that their nickname can easily be subjected out from the actual name. For instance, if you are using the name for your baby boy, ‘Ayaan,’ the nickname could be ‘Aayu’ or for your baby girl, ‘Anusha,’ the nickname could be ‘Anu.’ You should always keep such a name through which a nickname can be drawn.

Give a Touch of Uniqueness

We know that unique names look extremely lovely. However, be a little careful while choosing the unique name, as they might get complicated to speak. And if it gets difficult to pronounce them, your child will have to repeat them continuously so that they won’t like owning a difficult name. So, when you select the name for your offspring, please ensure that it is easy to pronounce.

Look for Multiple Spellings

Multiple Spellings of Names

These days the common issue that a kid faces are the same name with a different spelling. It will make the difference whether your kid is comfortable with that spelling or not. There are quite some variances in the spellings like Mansi, Manasi, etc. So, please opt for the one you think will be easy for your kid to pronounce and spell.

Keep it Short and Simple

We do not like to complicate our names. And the new generation definitely would not fall for anything that is complicated or tiresome. So, please make sure to keep your off-spring’s name cute and simple. One of the reasons is that they would not like to spell a complicated one.

Think Ahead of Time

Futuristic Baby Names

When you select a name for your kid, it is important to consider if that will sound good when they turn adults. A name that sounds good as a kid might not sound classy when your kid grows up. Choose a name that sounds good as a kid as well as after your kid grows up.

Be Convinced of the Name as Parents

As parents, choose the name that not only your kid but you also like. So, for this, have a discussion with each other and reach a common conclusion, a name that you both would like your kid to have.

Closing Words on Indian Baby Names

Giving an appropriate name to your baby is a great milestone to achieve. But you would’ve surely enjoyed your coffee while going through this ultimate guide to choosing the best and trendy name for your baby. So, if you are confused about what name you should give to your newborn, select one trendy name from this list.

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