Handmade Valentine’s Day Cards Ideas

January 19, 2021

Handmade Valentine’s Day Cards Ideas

Valentine’s day!

A day dedicated to the love of your life.

A day when you confess your feelings to your lover!

A day when you express your love to your partner!

And a day when you scream out your love loud!

When the day is this special, then it deserves the Best valentines day gifts.

More often, we underrate our partners and our love for them due to the hectic schedule and work pressure dancing on our heads, yet forget that love is the medicine to a happy life. It is as important to express yourself as it is to love. So make sure you shower your affection on your partner, at least on this special day.

We have brought a few valentine’s day greeting card ideas for you to adore your partner with these cards full of love and beautiful memories.

Valentine’s Day Card Ideas

When we receive a valentine's day gift or card, we expect endless love. However, no matter how much you invest in expensive gifts and cards, nothing can replace handmade valentines day cards. It shows how one has put extra effort to make you feel special on a super-special day.

1. Narrate your story through pictures, valentines cards

Narrate your story through pictures, valentines cards

Arrange your photos in a way that your valentine's day greeting card narrates the story of your love journey. Choose the images from your first date, trip, college, work to all the fun adventures you both have had. These will showcase your chemistry and make you and your partner rejoice in the happy moments.

2. I love you valentines cards

I love you valentines cards

If you can't think of any valentine's day card design, then get an "I love you" printed on it. The easiest and most innocent way to express your love is to say those three magical words simply. It empowers not only your love but is likewise a reminder that you love and will forever love.

3. Express your love through doodling valentines cards

Express your love through doodling valentines cards

If art is your cup of coffee, then doodling is the cutest thing on your cup. Expressing your love through doodling out your feelings is one of the best DIY Valentine day card ideas you can ever imply. Do it on your own, get the best design from the internet, and draw your love on paper forever.

4. Valentine's day quotes

Valentine's day quotes

Quotes directly or indirectly touch your soul and awaken the lover out of you. Quotes have the power to make or break you, and when it comes to love, it does wonders. So, pick or write your favorite love quote that you want to dedicate to your partner and write it on a valentine's day greeting card with some pictures of you two.

5. A proposal card

A proposal card

Love someone but can't decide how to make a valentine's day card for them? Take a drawing paper and confess your love with every combination of sentences you desire. Hence, let the card do the magic for you.

6. A funny chapter

A funny chapter

As emotional as an intense love gets, it is as fun as well. Recollect all your fun and adventurous memories, make a note of them, and compose them on your Valentine cards. Or you can also get the pictures of those memorable moments and add a cute text to them.

7. A themed valentines cards

A themed valentines cards

A theme Valentine card is for those who want to stick to their partners' themes or interests. Supposedly, imprinting your partner's favorite dialogue or scene from a movie on your Valentine cards. Or you can get their preferred color/interests imprint on the card.

8. Hand painted valentines cards

	Hand painted valentines cards

Color your DIY Valentine's day cards with love and let your partner drown in those colors. A bit of an extra effort from my partner will give me all the feels I'll desire if I were to get my valentines' day card. This is the most graceful and beautiful way to wish your partner.

9. Print your love chats on valentines cards

Print your love chats on valentines cards

Handmade Valentine's day cards give a personal touch to your Valentine card. These are the most elegant and real ways to showcase your true love. Print your love chants on a card, or you can also draw it, and you'll see the glow on your partner's face as soon as they receive it.

10. A promise to keep valentines cards

A promise to keep valentines cards

Recollect a promise you two have made or your wedding vows and write it on your Valentine cards. Make a promise of loving, supporting, and being together with each other for life, and we promise you that it will be the best gift your partner will ever receive.

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These were a few adorable and artistic valentine's days greeting card ideas, and we hope these helped you to go the extra mile for your partner and express your love for them.

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