Canvas Photo Prints Style to Beautify Your Home

March 12, 2024

Canvas Photo Prints Style

You will surely agree that the best thing about our home is that we can decorate it the way we want. And just the first step into the home gives us the feeling of comfort and relaxation. Decorating your space using canvas photo prints is a great way to flaunt your favourite memories.

Whether you hang them in your bedroom, kitchen or your living room. Use this opportunity to customize your home decor. But do you also get stuck with which personalized canvas print to choose from. We all are in the same boat.

That is why we have crafted this write-up. This is surely going to help you. And guide you about how to turn pictures into canvas. So, without any further delay, let’s get into it.

Gallery-Wrapped Canvas Prints

Try your hand on gallery-wrapped canvas prints for decorating your space. The reason is, here pictures indulge into the conversations. They are wrapped perfectly around the canvas mount. You can select a beautiful scenic shot and get it transformed into gallery-wrapped canvas print. It will simply accentuate the beauty of your space. For premium quality online canvas printing, let Picsy serve you.

Portrait Canvas Print

Portrait Canvas Print

Nowadays, most of us are working from home. And we need a work environment to meet the deadlines. Why not decorate your home office with superior quality canvas prints? Select a motivational quote that keeps you going and transforms it into portrait canvas print. Just a look at it will induce positivity in you.

Landscape Canvas Prints

Give a trendy look to your space by amping it up using landscape canvas print. These are perfect for displaying scenic beauty like sunrise and sunset shots. Use wide lenses and take your panoramic photography on a higher pedestal. And if you have a big wall, then you can easily keep up to three portraits. If you are wondering which canvas size is best for the living room, then go for a 30 x 20 canvas print.

Square Canvas Print

Square Canvas Prints

Square canvas prints are perfect decorators especially for the ones who fall for traditional look with a touch of sophistication to it. They simply add depth which is essential for displaying pictures that you want to stand out. They also add dimension and simply accentuate the beauty of your space. It is one of the classiest canvas print ideas for dining room and kitchen.

Canvas Floating Prints

Canvas floating prints are specifically designed to display canvas beautifully. Go for any aesthetic print and it will simply accentuate the beauty of your space. As the name goes by, they give out a floating effect to your art piece. They are versatile and induces beauty and are perfect canvas prints for bedroom decor. So, select a picture of you and your partner. Hang it in your bedroom and just a look at it will induce a flair of love.

Canvas Floating Frame

Panoramic Canvas Prints

Make a statement with your wall decor using panoramic canvas prints. They are perfect for flaunting nature shots, wildlife and even cityscape images. Not only this, but they also look fabulous with weddings, birthdays and trips. Whether you want to show off your engagement pictures or your wedding shots, this wall decor is perfect.

Split Photo Canvas

Split Photo Canvas

Another show-stopping art piece is a split photo canvas. It creates a striking visual appeal by using more than one picture. A split-canvas print creates a dramatic feel into your space. They are perfect for every space, be it your bedroom or even your kitchen. And you can even try out your canvas wall hanging ideas.

Canvas Floating Frame

Collage Canvas Prints

Does it happen to you that you get confused about which picture to use as canvas print? In that case, collage on canvas is perfect. This way, you can select more than one picture. And it is the best for incorporating your wedding pictures. Whether it is the picture when he was smiling looking at you or the ones when you both were taking ‘pheras’. Placing this treasured art piece in your bedroom will seem as if love is in the air.

Rolled Canvas Print

Rolled Canvas Prints

Not everyone falls for the stretched canvas prints. Rolled canvas prints are created on a canvas material without being framed or stretched. It accentuates the beauty of your portfolio. Experiment with your canvas print ideas and select the best art piece for your space.

Hanging Canvas Prints

As the name goes by, hanging canvas prints are hung on the wall using hanging strings. They are perfect for celebrating your occasions whether it is your birthday or your favorite trip. Apart from these, you can even try our hand on floater frames. They are also durable and look beautiful.

Hexagon Canvas Print

The bees have taught us that hexagon is a space-efficient shape. And let me tell you, your memories look absolutely amazing when transformed into hexagon canvas print. It is something unique from the conventional canvas prints. They look perfect in your hallways and staircases.

Wrap Up on Canvas Photo Prints Style

Now creating canvas photo prints is quite easy with the help of Picsy. Our expert team works diligently to provide you with premium quality photo prints so as to create a lifetime keepsake for you.

We are sure this small guide to Canvas Photo Prints Style would have helped you to get a better understanding of canvas photo prints. To get your hands on your art piece,Download the Picsy app, select the desired ones, upload pictures and place order. And within a few days, your memory-packed art piece will reach your doorstep.

FAQs Related to Canvas Photo Prints Style

1. Why do we need to frame the canvas prints?

  • The main reason why we must frame the canvas prints is they get damaged if not framed. Framing protects the canvas prints and makes them look attractive.

2. Which is better? Canvas prints or photo prints?

  • Canvas prints are comparatively more textured and give a crafty look. On the other hand, photo prints give out photographic look. As far as durability is concerned, canvas prints are more resistant to fading than the latter.

3. Why are canvas prints trendy?

  • There are ample reasons why canvas prints are trendy. They are durable, attractive, resistant to sun rays and simply accentuate the beauty of your space.

4. How to hang split-canvas prints?

  • While hanging split-canvas prints, leave sufficient space between the panels. This way, your wooden canvas frame will look appealing.

Ready to hold your memories in hand?