30+ Diwali Gift Ideas For 2024 To Spread Joy To All Ages

Updated: January 03, 2024

Diwali Gift Ideas for 2023

The festival of Diwali has been hugely lionized across India for ages now. Lighting lanterns and diyas are the touchstones of the festival. The vogue of gifting on this golden day is quite a ‘wow’ among everyone. Diwali — a juncture to reunite with dear ones and enjoy the coup of light over dusk; utopia over misery. And like any other family gathering and celebration, arranging the best Diwali gift ideas can induce extravagant festive feelings.

Before diving into the greatest Diwali gift 2024 ideas, let us understand first what Diwali is and why it is celebrated. So, let us broaden our understanding of this festival of lights and see how to celebrate it.

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How Can We Make Diwali More Special?

We are already aware of the fact that the charm of Diwali is spread all over the world. Giving valuable gifts to our loved ones adds immense value to the celebration of this festival. Celebrate the happy moments with family and gift thoughtful presents to your loved ones here and abroad.

The main motive of gifts is to make our loved ones feel special. But you might be wondering what could be gifted that your loved ones will love and cherish throughout their lives. Diwali is just around the corner, so let's gather and understand why during this occasion, gifting is important.

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Importance of Gifting on the Eve of Diwali

Importance of Diwali Gifting

Did you know Diwali is not only celebrated here but in other varied countries around the globe with full essence and devotion? From Singapore to Japan, the lights of Diwali enlighten every corner of the world.

Thirsting the blessings of Lord Ram, the occasion also offers a devotion to Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha. We believe the lights of Diwali will not only welcome Lord Ram, home but will also fill our homes with good luck, health, and prosperity. What is a better way to reflect the joy of the festival, Diwali, than by bestowing hearty gifts?

Traditionally, gifting was an ancient ritual. We, Indians, not only follow it to spread happiness but out of respect as well. Whether Diwali gifts for employees, gifts for family or friends no matter who you are presenting, the good wishes behind it matter. The major impulse behind the ritual of exchanging gifts is spreading good wishes and bliss on a happy occasion.

Best Diwali Gifts Ideas for Everyone

Diwali Gift Ideas for Everyone

People run on love and hope to move ahead in life. So, why not gift some boxes of happiness along with some subtle affectionate Diwali wishes and messages? Now let's dig onto the list that we have penned down — the mind-blowing gifting ideas to light up your Diwali.

Best Diwali Gifts for Him

There are two types of women in this world — one who loves to gift but gets overwhelmed with the right choices before the occasion, and one who buys gifts that she probably planned last year, way before the occasion. This article is definitely for the first strata. Check out these wonderful Diwali gifts for men that you can give to the man of your life.

Unique Diwali Gifts for Husbands

It can be tough to choose the right gift for them, I know. No matter what you give, they are either a sports person or music. So, it makes us get on our nerves to choose something unique for them. Here are some Diwali gift ideas for your husband.

1) Canvas Floating Frames

Canvas Floating Frame

Diwali is a special festival for all of us, and so are our husbands. What would we do without them, right? No matter how many times we fight, we love them more than ourselves. So, don't you think they deserve something extraordinary? Hence, my personal recommendation would be Canvas Floating Frames! They are durable, waterproof, and give life to your romantic moments. I hope you like this gift idea for Diwali too.

2) Vintage Collection

Diwali Gift for Husband – Vintage Collection

Is your husband one of those people who likes to live in the past? Is he someone who likes the scent of an old book and goes gaga over old train engines and gramophones? Why not gift him from the vintage collection? Check out the online websites that can give you archived artifacts. Trust me; this gift would be his next new favorite.

3) Desk Bookshelf

Bookshelf for Him

Every night when you go to settle the bed, you find books lying around. Calm your nerves because we found the perfect gift for your man (viz. technically for you), a desk bookshelf. There, he can keep not only all his books but also his other stationary belongings. So, the next time you go to settle the bed, you just have to deal with the wet towel that he forgets to hang.

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4) Photo Calendar

Personalized Photo Calendar for Him

Did your man manage to remember your anniversary this year? If not, then just give him a calendar already! Mark all the important dates and put the photo calendar in front of his eyes. So, the next time he forgets your birthday or anniversary, he can't give you any excuses for forgetting the dates. There are various themes in personalized photo calendar gifts. A few of them are Love Photo Calendar, Family Photo Calendar and Wedding Calendar.

5) Love Photo Calendars

Love Photo Calendar

How about bringing a cheek-to-cheek smile to the face of your beloved? Wondering how? Customized calendar gifts are indeed a great choice.

Let the love photo calendar printing do all the magic. Let this romantic keepsake add a flair of romance among you two. So, whenever you both glance at it, you will be reminded of the romance between you two—as a result, allowing you to relive the special moments you cherished with your beloved. Make a photo calendar and induce life to those lovely moments.

6) Family Photo Calendars

Family Photo Calendar

Create an elegant yet exclusive gift that your loved ones can cherish for a lifetime. Select the most beautiful picture you have of your family and liven it up by transforming it into a personalized family photo calendar. This lovely keepsake will allow you to bring happy smiles peppered with fabulous family time.

7) Wedding Photo Calendars

Wedding Photo Calendar

Let us accept the fact that the bride and groom get extremely exhausted on their wedding day due to an elongated list of rituals. So, if you manage to accumulate and assemble the best moments that you both spent at your wedding, then make your own photo calendar for 2024. A classic wedding photo calendar can liven up the wedding moments. And trust me, a wedding photo calendar gift will serve as a beautiful keepsake that your better half will cherish forever. So, before your partner opens up their eyes the next morning, surprise them with this mesmerizing gift. And your partner is surely going to express their gratitude towards you for this lovely gift.

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Unique Diwali Gifts for Father

Buying Diwali gifts for parents is a heartwarming way to express your love for them. And our fathers are just like husbands, give anything to them you will never know which can make their emotions tickle. Here are a few Diwali gift ideas for your dad that worked out well for my dad.

1) Assorted Tea

Assorted Tea Hampers for Father

There are two types of fathers, either a coffee dad or a cha person. For all those tea lovers Papas, we have a brilliant idea! Give him a box of assorted tea leaves. Like perfect can not be ‘more perfect,’ nothing can be greater than this gift – a box consisting of the heart of India.

It is homely; it is social.
It is aromatic and beneficial.

2) Mobile

Gift a Mobile Phone to Father

Are you looking for something extravagant for your dad? Well, why not stretch your budget a bit and gift him a smartphone? Though it would take him some time to understand the features, but when he would be able to video call you, the investment would be worth it.

3) Chromecast

Chrome Cast for Father

Is your father a movie buff and loves to keep the remote in his hands? Then it is possible he is watching Sooryavansham (1999) for the 23rd time on TV and never complaining about it. Why not give him something he likes, yet something new? What about a chrome cast? So that whatever you play on the phone, he would be able to watch it on the TV. Isn't the idea greater than great?

Diwali Gift Ideas for Grandfather

There are two types of grandfathers in this world; either you are scared of them, or they are your best childhood buddies. No matter who your grandfather is, his efforts in you deserve a gift this Diwali. Here are a few Diwali gift ideas for Grandfather.

1) Glossy Acrylic Prints

They are the best alternatives for glass frames. Acrylic prints are durable, mobile, and glossier. Print all your best memories with your grandfather and mount them in his room. Let him know you will always be the little grandkid who loves your grandfather a lot.

2) Cotton Bedsheets

Crafted with brilliance and comfort, gift your grandfather a cotton bedsheet that will help him sleep in summer without any uneasiness. In the tropical weather of India, try to choose light colors; it will not absorb the heat much.

Creative Diwali Gifts for Brother

1) Football Jersey

Football Jersey As diwali Gift

You two perhaps have fought a million times for the TV remote, and every time his football craze has overpowered you. But, we know you love him, rather more than anything in this world, right? Why not appreciate his love for football for once and this Diwali, give him the jersey of his favorite team?

2) Premium Photo Albums

Premium Photo Albums

Remember all those silly moments that only brother knows? Those picnic days when you played with him all day long? And what about those days when you can never thank your brother enough to be with you when you were in trouble? Gauge all those memories in a folder and get a Photo Album online to make your brother smile ear to ear.

3) Deo

Are you tired of telling him to go and take a bath? Well, habits take time to change, but you can spare yourself with a gift of fresh aroma (you know what we mean). This Diwali, along with lights and your brother's happy face, let the fresh fume spread a happy vibe.

Amazing Diwali Gifts for Boyfriend

Looking for unique and romantic Diwali gift ideas for a boyfriend here is an amazing list you can rely on. I am sure you will find one from the list interesting enough.

1) Romantic Gift Hamper

Romantic Gift Hamper for Him

Diwali gifts doesn't have to be traditional all the time. If you want to surprise your boyfriend gift him a romantic hamper. With mixtapes, sweets and roses try something romantic this Diwali. And, girl, if not now, when will you? Create a romantic hamper for him and give him a surprise. This has to be one of the most romantic Deepavali gift ideas.

2) Watch

Watch for Him

Is he a latecomer? Are you the one who often stands and waits for hours for your man to arrive? First of all, that habit needs to be changed! Second of all, that needs to be changed right now! Because, girl, we got your back! C'mon, get a watch for him this Diwali and put an end to this habit. You can do it.

3) Fruit Bouquet

Fruit Bouquet

It might sound odd at first, but since the pandemic has not yet bid farewell, it is only sane to gift a bouquet of fruits rather than flowers. Moreover, if you want to create an impression in front of his parents, well, you better grab this idea.

Lovely Diwali Gifts for Son

Want to make your little guy happy with a fantastic Diwali gift? I have a list for you that you can refer to. I hope your son likes the one you choose.

1) Footbal

Football for Son

We know all you can think about is his health. And given the situation of this unfortunate pandemic, your son might not have gone out for months. As a Deepavali gift, give him a football and ask him to go out. But, yes, ask him to wear a mask, sanitize his hands and play carefully.

2) Puzzle

Puzzle for Son

If he has a football already and often goes out to play, it is time to take care of his brain. How? Of course, you can give him some almonds, but how about a puzzle game, for example, a jigsaw? Puzzle games are good for brain exercises. So this Diwali, ting a glass for intelligence.

3) Dart

Dart Games for Him

Childhood is the time when people build most of their motor skills. Give him a dart as a Diwali gift and place him on an aiming test. Your son would soon be addicted to it - a million times better than sticking his head on the smartphone.

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Best Diwali Gift Ideas for Her

For all the men out there, we say, ‘you are welcome’ in advance! Because after reading these below-listed gift ideas, you won’t be able to thank us enough. Keep reading.

Premium Diwali Gift Ideas for Wife

Wives love thoughtful gifts, no matter if it is Diwali, Birthday, or Anniversary. Thoughtful gift ideas must be at the tip of your tongue. So, here are some of the great Diwali gift ideas for your wife.

1) Trip to Bali

Bali Trip Gift for Her

You both must be definitely tired of working from home for the past few years. Good Lord, it has already been 3 years, and we still think of 2019. Nevertheless, this gift is not only for your wife but for you as well. Go out, and relax at the beach of Bali. Both of you deserve a vacation from the monotony of this brisk life.

2) Beauty Product Kit

Beauty Kit for Her

Not always you get the time or have the spirit to take care of her mood swings. We get it. This Diwali, tell her, “You are always there or not; you do care, no matter what,” with a set of beauty products.

3) Canvas Prints

Canvas Print

Is your wife someone who likes to decorate the house and keep everything in place? Then get canvas prints online, with a festive memory engraved on them. It will not only hype the festive mood but will also enhance the Diwali decoration.

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Handmade Diwali Gifts for Mom

No matter what you give to your mom, there is no better gift than taking care of her. Here is how you can take care of your mother this Diwali as a form of gift.

1) Homemade Food

Homemade Food For Mom

This Diwali, give your maa something she has been giving you for ages. Yes, a pleasant, homely meal. There are millions of recipes on YouTube to help you get the perfect plateful of a scrumptious dish. Moreover, it is not about how good you cook, but the effort and thought behind it.

2) Massager

Massager for Mom

She is no lesser than a tornado in the house. You will find her everywhere; her mind is everywhere. Can’t find a thing? You have your mom to find it. You are hungry? she will fix it. But, what about her? When she goes to bed at night, don’t you think each of her nerves and cells ask for a massage? Get a massager online and gift it this Diwali. It would be quite beneficial.

3) Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants

Let there be light, let there be life” for the person who gave you the greatest gift – your life. With a few indoor plants, the home would also look jovial and earthy.

Diwali Gift Ideas for Grandmother

She may tell you or not; your presence is all she wants. This Diwali, you may try to make sure, no matter what you gift her, to give some of your attention as well. Here are some of the gift ideas:

1) Incense Sticks and Wooden Stand

If your grandmother is a devotee of God, incense sticks and a wooden stand to keep the sticks would be a fabulous Diwali gift for her. Get aromatic jasmine, rose, sandalwood, lavender incense sticks, or aromas of your choice, and keep it near the puja-ghar before she wakes up.

2) Vinyl Photo Frames

Get some memories printed of you and your grandmother on classic vinyl photo frames. It has to make her happy. Getting a glimpse of those lovely memories every time, she walks into the room will remind her of you

Awesome Diwali Gifts for Sister

Do you prank your sister all the time? Diwali is a good time to say how much those little pranks make great moments with these thoughtful gift ideas.

1) Paint and Canvas

Painting Kit for Sister

Does your sister like to paint? When you open her copies or diary, you find ferns and petals on the last page? Let her art get a platform. Gift her canvas and paint to broaden her artistic horizon.

2) Travel Bag

Travel Bag for Her

Is your sister one of those who wants to travel the world and never settles for a place? Encourage her dream with a small trip big and tell her, you envy her the way she is living her life. This Diwali, give her a reason to be happy.

3) Festival Photo Album

Festival Photo Album

If your sister is your better half, and your phone is filled with selfies with her, bring them to life. Get the best festival photo albums online and gift her all the memories you have spent together.

Romantic Diwali Gifts for Girlfriend

Looking for the perfect passionate Diwali gift for your girlfriend, look into your heart. You might know the best what she might like. However, here is a list of Diwali gift ideas for girlfriends that you can count on.

1) Pendant

Jewelry for Her

What if she is not your wife yet? She is nothing less either. This Diwali, give her a small hint of what she means to you by giving her a jaw-dropping pendant. After all, she is soon going to share your surname, isn’t it?

2) Love Letter

Letter for Her

The Diwali, get a bit old-fashioned and classy with a handwritten love letter for your girl. Tell her how much you love her, and her presence makes you feel complete. Trust me; even if she knows, she would love to hear it from you.

3) Diary

Dairy for Her

Girls deal with a lot of emotions. Practically, you can not be there every time to listen to her long tales. Gift her a diary and tell her, whenever you are not there, she can write there instead – tell her to treat the diary as a part of you. It is anyway a good practice to polish your vocab.

Stunning Diwali Gifts for Daughter

It is a wonderful time of the year again when you can impress your daughter with the wonderful gifts she has been longing for.

1) Soft Toy

Toys for Daughter

Are you a working parent and can’t hug your little princess before her good night's sleep? May you miss her, but let her slip the affection she wants. With a huge teddy bear or any soft toy, let her go to sleep hugging the same.

2) Atlas

Atlas for Daughter

An Atlas can be an enticing gift if your daughter likes to solve puzzles. From the Atlas, ask her to search for a few places and wait for her to find them. After playing this game for a month or two, you will notice she will eventually memorize the map. A pretty good way to polish her geography skills, isn’t it?

3) Night Lamp

Night Lamp for Her

Does your little daughter share her room with her sibling(s)? Then on this occasion of the festival of lights, give her a light itself, a night lamp to be precise. So, whenever she has to do her homework, she can do it without disturbing her roommate (or siblings).

Best Diwali Gift Ideas For Friends

Friends are like our siblings. We know what makes them go mad and what can make them feel good. Check out the Diwali gift ideas that I have created for your friend and decide if they are going to like it.

1) Bohemian Wall Art

Bohemian Art

This Diwali, give your dear friend something simple yet trending. Can you guess what it is? Some Bohemian wall art. In a minimalist house, it looks just fantastic. If you want to elevate the same, also give some crochet cloth to keep in on the chair or sofa.

2) Bathroom Kit

Bathroom Kit for Them

Some things are absolutely necessary and can never go wrong, such as a bathroom kit. Make a gift hamper consisting of – shampoo, conditioner, hair serum, body lotion, shower gel, and keep adding all the things that come to your mind. But, remember, if you are adding the shower gel, don’t forget the loofah.

3) Movie Poster

Movie Poster They Love

Is your friend a movie frenzy person? Whenever you ask him/her to go out with you, asks you to come home to watch a movie instead? Well, believe me, your friend is in the world of movies, and nothing can stir but something related to it. So, Diwali or Christmas, a movie poster would be the perfect gift.

Best Diwali Gifts Ideas for Customers

Every relationship longs for happiness; especially when it is Diwali and the mood is festive. So why not surprise your loyal customer with a token of happiness by choosing a gift from these branding corporate gift ideas for customers?

1) Notebook

Every work requires a to-do list that we mere humans will forever write manually no matter how technologically advanced we get. So, why not opt for a notebook as a gift? You can even personalize the notebook by getting their names engraved. A simple red font on a white or black notebook is one of the most sophisticated personalized gift ideas. I have more ideas for you. Keep reading.

2) Laptop Backpacks

Laptop Backpack for Customers

A laptop backpack is always one of the most adored gifts for customers. It comes in handy no matter the occasion. Print the logo of the company on the bag and send it to your loyal customers.

3) Amazon Vouchers

If you are not sure what your customers or clients might like or if you want them to get whatever they wish, this Diwali surprise them with Amazon vouchers. It's a perfect Diwali gift idea for clients. When they open their e-mail, they get a smile on their face.

Wrap Up

Whether it is Diwali or Holi, Eid or Christmas, India, is the hub of celebration. Hopefully, our list helps you to get the perfect gift for your dear ones and make them smile.

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Festive memories are always dear to us. Preserve them with the below mentioned online Diwali gift options. I promise you will fall in love with them.

FAQs Related to Diwali Gift

1) Why is Diwali celebrated?

  • Diwali embarks on the auspicious occasion that celebrates the victory of good over evil. During Diwali, Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped using diyas and lights. The devotees dress up and offer sweets and prayers to the deity.

2) What are the best Diwali gift ideas for employees under Rs. 1000?

  • There are several diwali gift ideas that are thoughtful and beautiful yet affordable. Here are some of the examples that you can get under Rs. 1000.
  1. Incense cones,
  2. Custom calendars,
  3. Ceramic plant holders,
  4. Laser cut wooden diary,
  5. Divinity showpiece,
  6. Festive photo books,
  7. Skin care kit,
  8. Thermos.

3) Which are perfect Diwali gift ideas for corporate?

  • When it comes to satisfying employees, the gifts have to be unique enough to get to their hearts. Here are some unique Diwali gift ideas for corporates.
  1. Personalized photo products corporate gift card.
  2. Amazon vouchers with a thought Diwali greetings mail,
  3. Healthy snacks hamper with punny message,
  4. Photo prints in a wooden craved box,
  5. Microgreen kit to create a mini herb garden.

4) What unique Diwali gifts can you order from Picsy?

  • There are varied options when it comes to Picsy photo products. No matter what you get from the house of Picsy, it has to be unique. As your memories are your memories at the end of the day and it is completely unique to others. However, you can choose from the newest of our products.
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  2. Acrylic Prints,
  3. Floating Canvas Prints.

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