How to Choose the Perfect Photo Album Size

March 27, 2024

Photo Album Sizes

Don't you feel we all love to create good memories? And memories are cherished when they are permanent. There is no better way to preserve your memories for a lifetime is using photo albums. We are aware that these memory keepsakes can be passed on to generations. But the confusion comes up while deciding the size of the photo album.

It is extremely important to select the size of your photo album. Whether you are looking for a booklet for your wedding or your favorite trip, a photo album is a perfect keepsake to preserve your memories for a lifetime. Let us figure out about the different photo album book size guide. But did you ever wonder why should you make a personalized photo book?

The reason is photo album is a collection of your memories printed in the form of a booklet. The best thing about them is that they can be preserved for a lifetime, and you can revisit them whenever you feel like reliving the loveliest moments you have created with your loved ones.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Photo Album Size

Here are some factors that we should consider when choosing photo album size. Have a look at them. This write-up will serve as a guide to making a digital photo album.

  • Choose Your Shots
Choosing photos for photo album

Before you select the photo album, it is a great idea to have the final selection of your pictures. Make a folder of the pictures wherein you put all the pictures that you want to use in your photo album. It will prevent you from hunting the photos while making the photo album.

  • Don't Forget the Orientation of Your Shots

Before you select the size, it is indeed a great idea to be aware of the ratio of the shots you have selected. It will help you to decide which album orientation will fit your requirements. It makes your task easy.

  • Take into Account the Number of Photos You Want to Include

On an average, you can add 100-200 photos in your photo album. And to select approximately 100-200 photos, you need to select the best shots. In Picsy's photo album you can add up to 80 pages. Also, it is important to go for choosing right images and layout design for photo book.

  • Purpose of Your Photo Album
Wedding Photo Album

Your photo album will surely be made on a purpose. So, before creating your Custom Photo album, know the purpose of creating the album. For example, you can create one photo album for your everyday memories where you can store all your daily moments. One photo album for your wedding where you can include the pictures when your partner was putting Varmala on you. It is completely up to you which one you select as your wedding album size.

  • Aesthetic Preferences

If you want to add up to the aesthetic appearance of your booklet, then you can go for different shapes of photo albums. They are available in square, rectangle, portrait. However, we at Picsy offer landscape photo book.

One thing you should not forget about Picsy is that it offers two categories: Hardcover and Softcover. Hardcover gives out a solid effect photo album. They are available in different sizes. On the other hand, softcovers are totally adjustable, making them perfect to carry wherever you want. And the Picsy's photo albums are available in large, medium and small size.

Personalized Photo Book

Regular Photo Album Sizes and Their Uses

A question that will pop-up in your mind while thinking about creating photo album is photo album size. How to decide what size of the photo album to go for? So, we are here to help you with it. Picsy offers photo album in three different sizes; small, medium and large.

Regular album photo sizes

Photo Album Size offered by Picsy

Photo Book TypeSize
Large16 inches x 12 inches
Medium11 inches x 8.5 inches
Small8 inches x 6 inches
  • Large Size Photo Album

Large Size Photo Album

Large size photo album is perfect to store all the family tree photos. Starting from great grandparents to your generation, it can store up to 200 photos. So, now you don't have to get worried about incorporating the pictures. Popular sizes include 12x12, 15x15, 16×12 and 14×11. Picsy offers large photo size is 16 inches x 12 inches.

  • Medium Size Photo Album

Medium Size Photo Albums

When it comes to medium size photo album, you can use it as your wedding album. Be it your wedding vows or the time when you both were feeding food to each other. Medium photo album size available are 8x8,9x12,9x9, 8×11. Medium size offered by Picsy is 11 inches x 8.5 inches. Incorporate all these shots in your wedding photo album. Just a look of it will fill you both with flair of love. It is the normal photo album size to store your memories.

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  • Small Size Photo Album

Small Photo Albums

Picsy's small photo album size is 8x6. It consists of 20 pages. They are customary to print small size. You can use this small size photo album for your travel shots. This way, you can carry this memory keepsake along with you wherever you go. (Even to your workplace) 😃 So, whenever you get scolded by your boss, just a look of this photo album will induce positivity in you. And this way, you will be filled with positivity. It is your keepsake so you can even try out different mini photo book ideas. Other small sizes 4x6, 6x6, 5x7, etc. However, Picsy has small size as 8x6.

Create your own portfolio using Picsy's small sized photo album. Put all your best artwork and you can carry it wherever you go.

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Winding Up

Now you got a complete hang of how to style up your photo album just the way you want. You don't have to worry anymore about preserving your memories. You can simply get them transformed into a photo album. If you are wondering how to make perfect photo book, then you need to do a small task. You anyway know the drill. All you must do is download the Picsy app, upload your shots and place your order. And we will deliver your art piece to your doorstep.

Celebrate Your Memories with a Personalized Touch

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More Information on Photo book

Selecting the perfect photo album size for your memories will not just assist you to put together without hassle but also help to display your memories to your loved ones. So, what is stopping you from flaunting your memories. Enlisted below are a few additional segments that you can get your hand on. Check it out.

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