5 Reasons to Create Picsy Printed Photo Albums

September 02, 2019

5 Reasons to Make Picsy Photo Albums

We know that it's the 21st century and the generation is rapidly climbing new technological hills. We live in a world where every life story is posted on Instagram, and every achievement is shared on Facebook. Not to mention the miscellaneous Twitter and Snapchat that consumes (kills) our precious time.

Do we question ourselves why we're doing it? One of the most common answers we hear from the people who believe in preserving moments are 'We don't want to forget any single moment of life. So, we post everything'

That's the gist.

Now take a deep breath, a halt or a long pause and open the window of your heart for a bit. To paint a picture of our actual life, all we need is do is go beyond social media. Because technology changes quickly, and those platforms might not be around forever, we just can’t simply rely on them.

Most kids today don't even know the feeling what it's like to hold a photo album full of good old memories.

That physical touch is evading as the digital touch is dominantly invading our head and heart

Come out of the virtual reality and let's have the ability to look back in time (which is priceless). Here are five smart but straightforward reasons to create stunning photo albums.

5 Reasons to Create Stunning Photo Albums

Get Back to Your Roots

It is a good idea to take a moment, smell the monsoon rains, and get back to your roots. There's nothing more joyful than reliving 'Friends for Life' 'Family Forever' 'Love You' 'Little Cute' 'Birthday Bash' 'Adventurous Holiday' moments. A sense of relaxation and serenity will prevail of which you may have no idea.

Stand the Test of Time

Like our grandparents' photo album, today's high-quality photo albums won't turn yellow. Premium quality photos, hardbound cover pages, superior quality pages ensures the reliability and longevity. The test of time is a significant factor when it comes to preserving anything physical. You create and print beautiful photo album online today and let your grandkids see it with the same smell of happiness. Also, while creating a photo album, don't forget to consider photo album size.

Maintain Family Legacy

There's nothing wrong with social media to document story of your lives but if it's about real friends and family, then there comes the legacy and no online tool or media can compensate its true value. Maintaining the family legacy is no joke. It's about passing on the culture and principles our ancestors held to next generations.

Maintain Family Legacy With Family Photo Albums

Reminisce and Bond

See photos with your loved ones in printed album, flip pages, look at each other and the warm fuzzy feelings will definitely come back, and a silly thought of 'We would not have felt this magic if we hadn't printed photo album' may arise. Printed Photo Book helps you recall what happened, how it felt then, and how someone looked. In short, you will still feel the same butterflies again.

Touch and Feel

Creating your beautiful photo book never got so easy. With Picsy app, it's all at the fingertips. Just tap, tap, and tap. Touch and feel the happy, silly, brave, stupid, sad, bittersweet emotions again. Live for happiest moments you can’t put into words and then create Picsy Personalized Photo Book out of it.

Why Picsy App?

Get the ease to carry your story in your hands and get superior quality printed photo album. Choose from 150+ stunning occasion-oriented themes, upload favorite photos, add up to 80 pages, edit text, change layouts, choose filters, preview and place an order- with utmost happiness guaranteed.

Life is a beautiful boat we all share,
Just like oxygen gas in the air,
Life is a stunning story we should cherish,
We never know when we'll perish,
Live life to the fullest, smell the flowers, stop and play.
Don't forget to preserve every single day

Ready to hold your memories in hand?