Capture Your Memories with Personalized Photo Calendars Printing Ideas 2024

December 12, 2023

Family Photo Calendar

Calendars are surely the time-tested tool that keeps you organized at home and work. Even though we live in the digital world, and it is flourishing, we cannot neglect the fact that paper calendars are timeless. And that is the reason why we are all so addicted to this wonderful piece of art. Let us figure out more about the monthly calendars.

Ace Your Space Using Personalized Photo Calendar 2024

There are different types of photo calendars that simply amp up the beauty of your space using Picsy's premium quality photo calendars. Check out Picsy's exclusive range of photo calendars.

Different Types of Calendars

Calendars are perfect to celebrate the monthly snippets of your moments. There are different types of custom calendars. Let us figure out more about it.

1. Monthly Wall Calendar

Custom Wall Calendar

Are you searching for a fantastic way to organize your busy schedule? Then, opt for the monthly wall calendar. It will help you to be organized. You can start from any month you want. This way, you can even keep track of all the important appointments.

2. Easel Calendar

Just like the monthly calendar, you can personalize the easel calendar. They fit anywhere and everywhere. The easel calendars are ready to display with a sleek wood stand that simply accentuates the beauty of your space. It sounds great, right? Then, why delay in getting your hand on the personalized photo calendar.

3. Desk Photo Calendar

Desk Photo Calendar 2024

For the ones who seek to have something that will fit on the table or something that is handy, desk calendars are the perfect fit. They are available in different designs and layouts. You can also customize them using photos and text. Not only this but these personalized desk calendars also serve as perfect gifts.

Are you wondering how to make a desk calendar? Download the Picsy app. And it will take care of this task for you.

4. Mouse Pad Calendar

If you are someone who has to spend a lot of time using a computer, then you can rely on a mouse pad calendar. It can be easily customized using the memorable memories. Just glancing at it while working, you can just feel loved and pumped up. So, what is stopping you from creating your own personalized calendar?

5. Poster Calendar

Poster Calendar

Somewhat like wall calendars, poster calendars are a wonderful addition to the walls of your space. This monthly custom photo calendar is usually available in glossy and matte finish. You can make it personal by adding up your photo with your furry friend. This way, you can flaunt your love for your love furry friend.

Let your space be beautified. And add a sophisticated touch to your room with Acrylic Photo Print.

6. Monthly Planner Calendar

If you are someone who keeps forgetting the dates, then having a monthly planner calendar is something that can rescue you. The best thing is, they are quite handy. Select the best picture you have with your beloved and get it transformed into a monthly planner calendar. And whenever you are having a bad day, just a look at your personalized calendar for 2024, which will fill you with positivity.

7. Calendar Magnets

As we have figured out about the conventional calendars, here is a better option. And that is calendar magnets. They are those mini calendars that you can stick anywhere to accentuate the beauty of space. Whether you stick them on refrigerators, cabinets, or even your cupboard, they add that pinch of cuteness.

Just a look at it will simply keep you updated about all your important appointments. So, don't forget to give this trendy style of custom calendar 2024 a try.

Themes of Online Photo Calendars Printing at Picsy

We all love to abide by the trend, isn't it? Picsy has a wonderful collection of photo calendars. You don't have to get worried about how to make a monthly calendar. Picsy is at your rescue. Check out these various photo calendar themes and upgrade the beauty of your space in the most innovative way.

1. Love Photo Calendars

Love Photo Calendars

One of the most loved themes offered by Picsy is love. Whether it is Valentine's season or not, it is always a great idea to showcase your love for your partner.

Express your love tale in the best way possible. Relive your ‘forever together’ moments with your beloved. Imagine a situation where you are constantly having a look at the pictures of you and your partner. It will surely fill you with love. And as it is your personal art piece, you have all the rights to experiment with creative calendar design ideas.

2. Family Photo Calendars

Family Photo Calendars

Our family holds a special place in our hearts. So, how about exploring family photo calendar ideas that flaunts your bond with your family members? And one thing is sure, a family that stays together, bonds together. So, why not capture the moments you have spent with your family. Select the best twelve shots of the moments you clicked with your family members and pack them up in a monthly picture calendar. As the months will pass by, this art piece will serve as a yearly reminder of how your family is with you and support you through your thick and thin.

3. Travel Photo Calendars

Travel Photo Calendars

Yet another theme offered by Picsy is travel. You can preserve all the beautifully captured moments of your trip. Transforming these pictures into a photo calendar will help you to relive the moments. These pictures are going to remind you of the fun you had on your trip, and you will definitely have moments of FOMO (fear of missing out) 😀 But also, it will encourage you to take a break from your boring life and plan a trip at the earliest.

4. Friends Photo Calendar

Friends Photo Calendar

Every moment gets special when you spend time with your dear friends. They are those unpaid therapists who fill our lives with happiness just by their presence. Collect all the snippets of the memories you have created and relive them whenever you want. Flipping through its pages will give you a constant reminder of how special they are to you.

5. Kids Photo Calendars

Kids Photo Calendars

Growing up stage of children is quite a fast process. However, we wish to live every moment of it. Flaunt the care you have for your little offspring using Picsy's kids' photo calendar. Fill up your space with the cuteness and adorable snippets of your child. And it is the best feeling when you glance at your child's pictures.

6. Wedding Photo Calendar

Wedding Photo Calendars

Wedding is the most special time and deserves to be preserved. And one of the best ways to do so is transforming them into wedding photo calendar. Just live up your wedding moments each day with the classic calendar.

7. Birthday Photo Calendar

Birthday Photo Calendars

Photo calendars are perfect as birthday gifts. Whether you are gifting it to your partner or family members, flipping through its pages will surely bring a smile to their faces. They will cherish it for a lifetime.

Kid's PhotoBook

How to Make a Monthly Photo Calendar Online?

With the help of Picsy, it is not difficult anymore to make your own calendar. You might be wondering how? Let us help you with it. Here are some tips that will help you to create a monthly photo calendar.

1. Select Your Photo Calendars Printing Theme and Layout

Starting from colorful to conventional, there are various themes and layouts offered by Picsy. If you wish to capture the moments of your favorite trip, then choose the travel photo calendar. On the other hand, for celebrating the birthday of your loved one, then getting a hand on the birthday photo calendar is a great idea.

2. Upload Your Memories

Choosing Photos for Monthly Photo Calendars Online

After choosing the theme, select the pictures that you are willing to upload to your photo calendar. But the difficult task is to select just the twelve shots. Afterall, there are only twelve months 😀

And rest assured, Picsy delivers this wonderful art piece to your doorstep. Along with the photo calendar, you can even get your hand on the poster frame.

Along with making your space look beautiful, Get your hand on Picsy's Poster Frame!

Winding Up

So, my dear readers, now you have a complete idea of how to make a monthly calendar. We are sure this informative write-up surely would've brought a smile to your face. After all, you have a complete idea about customized photo calendars printing.

All you have to do is download the Picsy App and get your hands on the monthly photo calendar.

Gift Memories to Your Loved Ones

Gifting memories to your dear ones is always fascinating. Wondering about what to gift? Have a look at Picsy's wonderful range of photo gifts.

FAQs Related to Monthly Photo Calendars

1) How can I make my own calendar online?

  • You can create photo calendars by downloading the Picsy application. Then, select the theme, add and adjust your photos, and place your order.

2) On which occasions can you gift Photo Calendars to your near ones?

  • Picsy's photo calendars are perfect for every occasion, whether it is the birthday of your beloved or the celebration of your favorite trip.

3) Which is the best app to make the Photo Calendar Online?

4) Which is the best Photo Calendar 2024 template of Picsy?

  • Although all the templates of Picsy are of premium quality. But the best template is love photo calendar. In that, you can incorporate all your love moments that you have spent with your partner.

Ready to hold your memories in hand?