Updated: January 04, 2024

8 Creative 2021 calendar design ideas to preserve your special memories

Your 2021 calendar can be considerably more than a way to check the date. With desk photo calendars from Picsy, it is now simple for you to customize a photo calendar online for your home and office. All you require is the Picsy app and the photographs you'd prefer to use, and you can have a custom desk photo calendar printed in a matter of days. Read on to explore how to make an exquisite desk photo calendar with Picsy and calendar and begin the new year off right.

With Picsy, creating a customized photo calendar online is child's play. We've done the vast majority of the legwork for you. All you need to do is choose which photographs, themes, and layouts you'd prefer to utilize. From that point, you can add your customizations for every month and modify the pictures in the manner that looks best to you.

Follow these five steps of how to make a desk photo calendar.

1. Pick Your Calendar Dates

The first move toward making a desk calendar with Picsy is picking which month you'd prefer to begin with. You can make a calendar for the entire year or decide to start on any month, relying upon when you need it printed. Our desk photo calendars fit perfectly on your work desk to assist you with the date as well as a fulfilling dose of smiles and cheer from your loved ones.

2. Transfer Your Photos

Transfer the photographs you need to use from your PC or your social media accounts. When you transfer your photographs, we'll save them, so you have the opportunity to pick which photographs will go where. Exhibit family shots consistently or make a 2021 desk calendar with your #1 pets – it's all up to you.

3. Choose Your Layout And Theme

With our customized desk photo calendars, personalization is easy. You can ensure more than 10 photographs fit on each page if you wish or pare it down to only a few top picks for every month. We don't want everybody to bring home a similar calendar, so we let you alter the layout and theme of every page of your calendar. You could choose a theme and layout for your 2021 desk calendar from our pre-designed templates or create your own customized one from scratch.

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4. Add Heart-warming personalized Messages

Especially if you're planning to give a calendar as a gift – you could include personalized messages as each page's highlight. In case you're just adding a couple of pictures for each page, you'll have the choice to add messages and notes at the base. Consider mentioning where every photograph was taken or incorporate uplifting travel adventures for every month.

5. Print Your Calendar

When you're done, you can now check out and send your calendar off for printing. Our printers guarantee that your desk photo calendar will come out precisely as you want it to be, delivered to your doorstep. Before finishing, just make sure to go through your 2021 desk calendar and ensure everything looks how you want it to be.

Your customized photo calendar online will be a welcome expansion to your office or home. Consider the following desk calendar ideas:

  • The Kids Calendar

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    Perhaps one of the best desk calendar ideas is including the children. Regardless of whether you need to print photographs of your youngsters, nieces, and nephews, or younger siblings, their photographs will light up each page of the calendar. Calendars for youngsters can enable your little ones to relive occasions like birthday celebrations, the beginning of the school year, and traditional festivals. Make your calendar significantly more fun by requesting that the kids pick their photographs – you may be astonished by what they choose!

  • Wedding and Anniversary Calendar

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    Another good desk calendar idea is to make a calendar devoted to your wedding, particularly if you were hitched recently. If you have an occassion of anniversary coming up, you can create your calendar around your loved one and incorporate a portion of your most loved photographs together. A wedding calendar additionally makes for an extraordinary customized wedding gift. In case you're close to the couple, you can fill the calendar on photographs you have of them to give the gift of cherished memories.

  • Birthday Calendar

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    What's better than having the option to take a look at the magical memories you have made over the past year on your birthday. The only thing that beats the actual moment of your or your loved one enjoying a birthday bash is photographs of it. Making a calendar themed around a birthday documenting not only the actual party but also events the past year will make you smile every month as you flip the page. Embellish your Birthday calendar with notes that speak a little about the person or people in the photo as well as a nice cover shot of your presents and the birthday cake.

  • The Whole Family Calendar

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    Create customized desk photo calendars with friends and family photographs to help you cherish your #1 jiffies and memories with your friends and family. Consider theming every month around a relative or a friend so that they get their chance to make history.

  • Custom Holiday Calendar

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    Choose a vacation as them for your desk photo calendar. You can pick photographs of travels with friends and family to honour every month. Pick your #1 photographs and recollections from Christmas, Diwali, Thanksgiving, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Have a great time and transfer your best birthday recollections for your birthday month. With a custom holiday calendar, your memories will sparkle.

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Wrapping up

Making a desk photo calendar can make for a fantastic gift as you enter the new year. If you have more photographs than the number you would prefer to use in the calendar, Picsy offers a full range of photo printing products to help you cherish your favourite moments. From custom photo book and photo albums to exquisite canvas prints, utilize your photographs to make excellent custom photo products for your special seasons as customized adornments. Make sure to check for the most recent deals and promotions we at Picsy are running. So don't wait any longer. Download the Picsy app now and tell your photo story.

Ready to hold your memories in hand?