Happy Onam Wishes, Messages and Quotes for everyone

August 06, 2021

Happy Onam Wishes, Messages and Quotes

Just as the Malayali year bids adieu, the significance of Onam fills the air with joy and merriment. Yes, you guessed it right, as the season is going to welcome winter, we are here to talk about Onam.

All we are saying, in this article, we are covering about the festival, Onam - why is it celebrated, who celebrates the festival and how is it celebrated. Oh yes, of course, we have also provided a few bundles of Onam wishes as well so that you can greet your loved ones.

What is Onam Ashamsakal?

We all know Onam is the National Festival of Kerala. But do you know why it is celebrated? What is the day or the occasion is about? Let’s take a quick look!

What is Onam Ashamsakal Festival?

On the day of Thiruvonam Nakshatra, the Keralites celebrate the homecoming of King Mahabali, who is considered to be a mythological demon. But why do they celebrate a demon, you must wonder.

Emperor Mahabali though was tamed by Lord Vishu, yet he was known for his soft nature and generosity. It is said, he was so kind-hearted that the wrath of Gods started feeling unsure of his powers and fell in the net of insecurity. Then was the time, the Gods unitedly asked for help from the God of gods, Lord Vishnu.

When is Onam Celebrated?

Apart from celebrating the festival as the demon king’s arrival, Onam is also celebrated as a rice harvesting festival. It naturally falls in the month of August or September according to the English calendar, but to be precise with the date, Onam is celebrated in the first month of a year according to the Malayali calendar. But who celebrates the festival? Indeed, the Keralites but both the Hindus and the Christians celebrate the festival; did you know that?

Though Onam is the National Festival of Kerala, it is celebrated all across South India. Not only that, it is one of the longest festivals, which takes up to 10 consecutive days right after the monsoon.

How is Onam Festival Celebrated?

How to Celebrate Onam?

When it comes to ‘how,’ the Keralites are unstoppable. There are unthinkable ways of celebrating this very day. A few decorate the house with flowers and décor, clicks on family photos, and spend the time with their relatives. But a few celebrate in the following ways:

I. Decorating Elephants

A few people decorate their elephants and take a trip around the city. People all across the city feed the elephants and propel flowers on them.

II. Pookalam

In this festival, people often celebrate with flowers. It is a way the houses welcome King Mahabali in a grand way. Just like Rangoli, people make designs on the floor but with flowers, not colors.

III. Famous Boat Race

As we all know, during the festival of Onam, snake boat race is practiced in the Pampa River. It is also known as Nehru Trophy Boat Race, as the winners of this race celebrate the triumph of taming the waves.

IV. Folk Dance

Kathakali, Kaikotti, and Kummatti Kali are three kinds of folk dance that are practiced during the time of Onam. Naturally, they perform on stages, but a few groups also perform in the streets. People from the area enjoys the dance performances and celebrate Onam with joy in their heart.

V. Decorating Houses

People in the South, stay very excited to call their relatives home and celebrate the festival together. Sometimes they put up custom canvas prints or flowers across the house; prepare the house for the guests and the spirit of King Mahabali to welcome them wholeheartedly.

Onam Food Festival

Onam - Festival Of Yummy Food

Since Onam is enjoyed during the time of harvest, it is also celebrated with more than two dozen recipes. It is generally believed that the people from South India also worship God for the fruitful harvest and prays for every vegetable before consuming them. Whereas a few groups like to believe they are preparing the feast to welcome King Mahabali.

The preparation of this mighty festival goes for up to ten days. This year, it is falling between 22nd August to 31st August.

Traditionally the plate consists of the 24 following dishes:

1. Pappadam

2. Savory Banana Chips

3. Sweet Banana Chips

4. Inji Curry

5. Mango Curry

6. Sour Lemon Pickle

7. Pineapple-yogurt curry (Pachadi)

8. Red beans curry (Olan)

9. Pumpkin-coconut curry (Ellisheri)

10. Milky mixed vegetables

11. Fried cabbage (Thoran)

12. Rice or red rice

13. Moong dal (Parripu)

14. Fried yam (Chenna Mezhkkupuratti)

15. Sambar

16. Kichad

17. Boiled Yogurt with shallots (Morru Kachiyatha)

18. Pulissery

19. Rasam

20. Kootu Curry

21. Ghee (poured over the rice)

22. Two sweet dishes made of rice.

23. And lastly, the signature dish – Kaalan; raw banana with coconut.

Quite wholesome! Can you eat so much in one day? 24 dishes in one plate! Oh, we forget to mention they present all the dishes in a traditional banana leaf apart from a plate.

How to Wish Happy Onam?

Sometimes, when we run out of words, we all do a bit of cheating, don’t we? Nothing sad, sometimes a few words tell more about our feelings than we could even think. Hey, not everyone is a wordsmith here. Hence, we have curated a list of Onam Ashamsakal Messages so that you do not have to keep wondering before writing on a gift card (or WhatsApp).

Happy Onam Wishes and Messages

Happy Onam Wishes and Quotes

- Wish you a very Happy Onam! May the spirits of King Mahabali fill your heart with kindness.

- Let the fragrance of sweets and chocolates fill your house. Happy Onam!

- May King Mahabali fill your life with happiness. Have a very happy and cheerful Onam!

- May this Onam bring a lot of joy and prosperity to your life.

- I hope King Mahabali blesses you with kindness and love.

- Sending the happiest wishes from my end to your family.

- Onam is the time to forget all the worries and welcome the king of kindness with a plateful of food.

Best Onam Messages and Greetings

Indeed, there will be many Onam wishes throughout the internet, but these messages are perfect for Onam WhatsApp Status.

Best Onam Messages and Sayings

- Wishing everyone a very Happy Onam Ashamsakal.

- Come over this year, and let’s post a lot of Happy Onam images on social media.

- Can it be possible that I am posting a Happy Onam Status on Instagram and I do not share it with you? Of course, I miss you. Come home soon.

- Happy Onam Photos are cliché; let’s go out and celebrate the festival together over a plateful of delights.

- Maybe this Onam Ashamsakal 2021, we are not together, but soon times will change, and there will be no pandemic around. I hope we celebrate the festival together next year.

- May you enjoy the day with your loved ones and indulge yourself in tasty foods.

- Welcome King Mahabali with open heart and fill your life with kindness.

Happy Onam Quotes and Wishes

A few quotes enrich our minds more than a simple greeting. Hence, we have added a few Onam Ashamsakal Quotes so that you can send your beloved friends and family members.

Happy Onam Quotes and Greetings

- Onam is not only a festival of joy but a moment to realize the goodness around us.

- Celebrate the auspicious festival! Listen to the melody of King Mahabali’s homecoming.

- This Onam, decorate the house with Canvas Prints and wonderful flowers and enjoy the day with your dear ones.

- May this Onam the king Mahabali extend his warmth and blessings to you and your loved ones.

- I wish a very blissful and peaceful Onam Ashamsakal to you.

- May the ghost of King Mahabali guide you to make right decisions in life.

- Sending prosperous wishes to your family this Onam. Have a wonderful life.

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Happy Onam Greetings and Sayings

Happy Onam Greetings and Status

- Festivals are all celebrating happiness and unity. Together, let’s celebrate Onam!

- May Lord Vamana sprinkle health and happiness upon you and your family members.

- Happy Onam! Celebrate the day with a lot of sweets and a plateful of delights.

- This Onam, may sadness and worries not touch your doorstep. Wish you and your family a happy life ahead.

- May the Onam Ashamsakal wishes come true and you be in bliss all your life. Happy Onam!

- As Demon King, Mahabali travels to your house, may he fill your house with the audacity of generosity.

Drawing The Finishing Line

Celebrate the festival, Onam, with all your loved ones and share the generous wishes mentioned above. Gift thoughtful gifts like printed photo albums or a bouquet of chocolates and welcome them to your house with a bright smile. Not sure where to get a personalized gift for your relative? Try Picsy App! Download the application and browse through the range of products. Hurry up!

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