8 Creative Family photo ideas

July 27, 2020

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Your love your family. And they love you right back. Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by vivid memories of how much love you have been on the receiving end of? Family photographs are the ideal choice. Mentioned below are seven truly creative family photo ideas that you can use to take a unique and stunning family photograph.

1. Match it Up

Nothing says ‘close-knit’ family more than a picture where everyone has dressed in matching or color-coordinated outfits.

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2. Silhouette

Taking a photograph against the light source creates an impressive silhouette effect. Backed by the warm colors of a summer sunset, you, too, can create a silhouette of you and your loved ones to put in your family photo album.

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3. Age Cone

Arrange your family in the order of their ages. With the oldest at the top of the pyramid in this family photo idea, you would need a larger space and is the perfect choice if you are thinking of making it into a customizable family canvas print.

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4. Level Up

Another creative family photo idea is to take pictures of your family are on different floor levels. It could be a picture of you and family on different floors of a mall or at different heights on a hill, yet another gem for your album.

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Personalized Photo Gifts

5. Furry Too

Don’t forget that ball of fur who is the actual ruler of the home. Include your pets in family photographs. They deserve it.

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6. A Walk to Remember

As you can see, in this family photo idea, strolling down a road also makes for an attractive family photo. Try this family photo idea in different seasons so that you have a collection of photographs that you can collate into a piece of family wall art.

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7. Brothers in Arms

Your kids love each other. Catch all their adorable moments and add them to your family photo wall in the form of a custom canvas print.

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8. Black and White

Somethings never get old. Like the classic appeal of black and white photographs. Capture your family in all their regality.

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