20 Trendy Diy Photo Wall Ideas To Display Your Memories

June 12, 2024

Photo Wall ideas

Displaying your lovely pictures is a creative way to induce color into your space. But does it ever happen to you that you land up in a situation where you feel that you got stuck in finalizing the photos to include that will beautify your space? We get it. We all land up in such a situation. That is why we have chalked out this informative piece of write-up for you. Let's dive into it and look at these photo hanging ideas.

1. Classic Black and White

When you get stuck with which one to go for, then opt for classic black and white wall decor. Select a mushy shot and turn into the shades of black and white. Frame it and place it in your bedroom. Just a look at it will induce the flair of positivity in you.

2. Sleek Acrylic Prints Showpieces

Accentuate the beauty of your dining room using amazing family picture wall ideas transformed into acrylic photo prints. They are high quality HD print which serves as magnificent home decor. The best thing about them is that they give a 3D effect to the walls and enable you to relive the dearest memories you have created with your oved ones. Select the best family picture and flaunt your cool ideas to display family photos on walls .

3. Fairy Lights Photo Wall Ideas

We cannot deny the fact that we all go crazy for fairy lights. We all do, right? Then, why not incorporate them in our space. Simply clip cute retro shots to the strings and will simply amp up the beauty of your space. Place it in your bedroom. Trust me, it will let you experience childhood desires.

4. Chalkboard Gallery Wall

One activity that your children will surely love is creating an art piece. It is decorating the wall with chalk art. It is an affordable and interesting wall decoration idea. You can let your children draw whatever they want. Also, you also seize the opportunity to scribble whatever you want. Along with that you can display photos on the wall with scribbled notes.

5. Collage Up the Print

If you have a bunch of pictures, and you don't want to miss out on any of them, then you don't have to get worried. You can opt for a beautiful collage. Here you have a collection of all your favorite memories turned into wall art. It is a perfect art piece for living room, your bedroom and even your kid's room. Wondering how to make a photo wall collage? Accumulate your best shots and place them together in a synchronized manner.

6. Vinyl Poster Frames Elegance

Do you feel that there is one element missing from your living room? And if that missing element is added then your living room will look attractive. That is none other than a versatile vinyl poster frame. However, there are different types of picture frames, but it is one of the best ones. It is a high-quality synthetic PVC black frame.

When hung on the walls of your house, it simply accentuates its beauty. Another best thing about it is that it comes in different sizes so you can place it wherever you want. And they are durable, so you don't have to get worried about them getting damaged.

Framed Vinyl Prints

7. Go for a Large Print

If you are confused with which print, then go for a large one. Select a beautiful family picture where everyone is having a cheek-cheek smile on their faces and create a big family wall. And do not hesitate to flaunt your family photo wall ideas. Hang it in the living room and it will serve as the statement art pieces at your place. Just a look at it will induce a flair of positivity in you.

8. Try the Photo Banners

Photo banner is a unique photo wall idea. It is a fun project for the kids. You can ask your kids to paste pictures on banners then you can transform them into wall art. It will surely upgrade the beauty of your space. So, without a second thought, decorate the walls with photos and make a statement.

9. Split DIY Photo Wall Ideas

Select one of your favorite photos and split it into two to three parts. Get these spit photos printed and hang them on the wall. It is sure to amp up the beauty of your space. Whether you place it in your kitchen or just above the TV cabinet in your living room, it will serve as a classy art piece in your space.

10. Minimalist Kid's Portrait Wall

If you are someone who likes minimalist decor then just pick two to three favorite shots of your child loves and get them printed. You can go for the pictures of his favorite superhero and hang it in your kid's room, he will surely feel special.

11. Wall-Photos (Wallpaper Photos)

If you are someone who likes to experiment, then go for multiple art pieces. If you have a large wall, then go for 15-20 picture frames hung on the wall. It will give an attractive appeal to your pictures. And it is also a smart move to use different pictures at the same time. It creates an illusion of wallpaper. New trend to give it a try.

Why worry about photo frames when we are here? Download the Picsy App and flaunt your shots

12. Layer it Up

A trend that is becoming quite famous is layering. If you have wallpaper on your wall, then coordinate the art piece and hang it on your wall. It is a chic way to make a statement. But ensure that the color of the frames aligns with the wallpaper present.

13. Let the Friends also Peep In

Select a few good shots of your friends and get them transformed into wall art. You can place it in your dining room and the moment your friends pay a visit to you, they will get to know how much they mean to you.

14. Canvas Prints Masterpieces

Get your mazes of memories printed on the walls of your house. Whether you want to hang it in your kitchen or grandparents' room, this art piece holds the capability to amp up the beauty of your space. It is a 340GSM premium matte cotton custom canvas print. It is ready to hang and instantly beautify your space. It is one of the best photo wall decor ideas. And you must give it a try.

Canvas Prints

15. Take Up the Fifth Wall

Why limit yourselves to the four walls of your space? Be unconventional and decorate the ceiling as well. It will serve as the fifth wall of your house. You can use four to five pictures of your choice that complement the paint you have on the walls. It will let you turn out to be stylish art piece at your place.

16. Grid It Up

Select twelve of your best shots and get them framed. Further, you can place them just above the drawers at your place. This way, it will not look stuffed and still upgrade the beauty of your space.

17. Fill the Neglected Nook

If you have a neglected corner at your place, then let it mingle up with the other objects and not leave them out. For example, the space just below your staircase. You can even use that corner and use it as the beautifying element of your house. (I am sure this would not have crossed your mind 😀)

18. Design the L-Shaped Wall

Another experiment that you can try with the decor, opting for an L-shaped wall at your place. Select any two adjoining walls at your place, be it your bedroom or dining room, this innovative idea is surely going to beautify your space. You can use any picture (motivational quotes/ your pet pictures or even your dear memories). It is a way to decorate two of the walls at the same time.

19. Airy Floating Frames

A bang-on attractive home decor to beautify your space is fantastic floating frames. They are available in different sizes so you can select the one as per your choice.

These floating frames look beautiful when placed in your space. You can choose the picture of your younger one and place it in your living room. It will instantly boost your mood after a hectic day at work. They are long lasting and stand the test of time.

Canvas Floating Frame

20. Wrap It Around TV

The area around your TV should not look boring. So, make it attractive by wrapping it around attractive art pieces. Select five to six picture frames and place them around the TV area. This way, everyone will get a chance to notice the cherished beautiful moments.

Final Words on Photo Hanging Wall Decoration Ideas

Now you don't have to get worried about how to decorate the gallery walls. We are sure this writes would have helped you through it. You just have a small task to manage. You must download the Picsy application and choose your premium quality photo products. Happy snapping 😊


1. How to display pictures on a wall?

Following are the ways that you can use to display photos on the wall:

  1. Clip them
  2. Overlap the pictures
  3. Use binder pins
  4. Try using the tape

2. What type of photo is best for the wall?

The two common prints that amp up the beauty of the wall are metal and acrylic prints. They have the following features:

  • Acrylic Prints: waterproof and scratch resistant
  • Metal Prints: longevity and fading resistant

3. How can I hang photos without damaging my walls?

  • We love to decorate our place without damaging the walls. For that, you can go for adhesive strips, hooks and even suction cups work well.

4. How to display a lot of pictures?

  • To display a lot of pictures, you must go for a collage. This way, you can incorporate different pictures without having missed out on any of them.

Ready to hold your memories in hand?