Creating Joyful Memories: How to Make Navratri 2024 Special?

September 27, 2024

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We all eagerly wait for the festivals because they spread joy and love, irrespective of the culture. India, being the hub of festivals, cherishes each of them with immense love. The diversity of India allows us to celebrate the festivals with utmost enthusiasm. However, this Navratri 2024 is anyway going to be extremely special just like every other year.

So, this year, a grand celebration is indeed required. Are you also excited about the Navratri 2024 Celebration? Let's find out when we are getting the happy opportunity this year so we can get totally prepared.

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Navratri 2024: Start and End Date

This year, Navratri will start on 15th October, 2024 and will wind up with the Vijaya Dashmi celebration on 24th October 2024.

Navratri 2024: Puja Dates

Regarded as one of the important festivals for the Hindu community worldwide, Navdurga Puja is dedicated to nine forms of Goddess Durga, collectively considered as 'Navdurga.' Each avatar is worshipped for these seven days. This year's Navratri calendar is as follows:

Day and DateFestivalTithi
Sunday, October 15 GhatasthapanaPratipada
Monday, October 16 Maa Brahmacharini PujaDwitiya
Tuesday, October 17 Maa Chandraghanta PujaTritiya
Wednesday, October 18 Maa Kushmanda PujaChaturthi
Thursday, October 19 Maa Skandamata PujaPanchami
Friday, October 20 Maa Katyayini PujaShashti
Saturday, October 21 Maa Kalratri PujaSaptami
Sunday, October 22 Maa Maha Gauri PujaDurga Ashtami
Monday, October 23 Maa Siddhidhatri PujaMahanavami

Festivals mean decking up in finery, which also calls for getting pictures clicked with friends and family. So, be ready with your Navratri photo poses along with the preparations.

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Relevance of Navratri

Relevance Of Navratri Festival

Navratri is a festival devoted to Goddess Durga, also known as Mata Amba, who is the epitome of Shakti. In the course of the festival, Mata Amba is worshipped. The beginning of the festival is marked by Ghatasthapana (a sacred pot). Devotees of the Goddess observe fasting for nine days.

According to Hindu mythology, the divine mother visits her maternal abode to be with her parents for nine days, her homecoming is celebrated as Durga Puja. Another mythological story reveals that Mata Amba demolished the demon Mahishasura during this time, hence the celebrations of Navratri. Therefore, Goddess Durga represents Shakti, signifying strength that cannot be created or destroyed. The festival deals with the victory of Goddess Durga over Mahishasur, who led to great destruction.

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How to Celebrate Navratri This Year?

How to Celebrate Navratri This Year

Finally, it is time to celebrate Navratri! We waited a year to dress up in chaniya choli and play Garba with our loved ones. It is again time to prepare for the Navratri poses because you need to bombard your Instagram account. Whether with your siblings, parents, or partner, make this Navratri count. So, are you ready to check out some of our amazing Navratri photo poses? Let’s check them out.

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Navratri Photo Poses to Try This Year

Navratri is a few days away. Be ready with your Navratri photo poses to stand out from the crowd. The following are the poses you must try for your pictures.

The Patent Dandiya Pose

Dandiya Pose Poster Frame

If you have dressed up, then, of course, you would want to upload it on Instagram. Do not forget to capture yourself with dandiya and flaunt your pictures on Instagram.

The Swirl

Navratri Photoshoot Ideas - The Swirl Pose

Flaunt your swirl in your beautiful Chaniya Choli. Just choose the perfect background and you are good to go to click mesmerizing shots.

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The Romantic Pose

Romantic Pose for Navratri

A little bit of romance would amp up your pictures. So, allow yourself to embrace the calm and comfort of one another with a sweet arm hold picture. It is one of the most romantic Navratri couple poses.

Family Pictures

Family Photo Album

During any festival we click a lot of family photos. Let's seize the day with a camera on our hands and click n-number of glam images. Shall we?

How to Preserve Your Navratri Memories?

Preserve Your Navratri Memories

After clicking the pictures, you would want to preserve them, right? So, whenever you seek to go that memory lane and cherish those beautiful and fun moments, you can easily do so. And for this, get your hand on custom canvas prints as they not only enable you to relish your memories but are really convenient in beautifying your space.

Wondering where to get great canvas prints? Relax. Choose a reliable app that deals with photo prints online and delivers them to your doorstep.

There are other ways to preserve your beautiful festive memories. Have a look at the list.

Acrylic Frames

Acrylic Prints

If you want to preserve your Navratri memories grandly, you can buy acrylic frames.There are various options for acrylic sizes. If you want to get small acrylic frames to create a pattern on the wall and showcase your Navratri memories you can do that. Or if you want to get a big frame for your bedroom or alter the look of your office this Navratri that would be a great idea too.

DIY Photo Print Lights

In Indian houses, we resonate festival with lights and sweets. Without lights, the festival is incomplete whether it is Diwali, Navratri, or Bhai duj. So, light up your world this Navratri with photo prints sticking on light strings. Do not forget to measure the wall size first and then create the memory wall.


Festive Photo Book

A photobook has the power to tell stories and take you back to the time when happiness stands still. Navratri is a time when everyone is happy celebrating for a straight 9 days. Preserve the time in a festive photobook to look back and cherish every year.

Film the Events

Navratri is full of events. Capturing them in the form of video can bring back those festive memories alive. Or you can create a short Navratri story out of the film. If you want to make it more cinematic, add filters or text if you wish.

Floater Canvas Prints

Floater Prints

Just like normal canvas prints, there is a unique kind of wall décor that enhances the aesthetic of a space. It is called floater canvas prints. It gives a 3D feel to the image.


Now, as you have understood how to make Navratri special this year, let us quickly start the preparations. Still, musing how to deal with pictures? Download the Picsy app, and it will resolve all your concerns regarding pictures. As it also deals with high-class photo products to cherish your memories. The task is not tiresome; all you have to do is download Picsy and relive your memories.

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FAQs on Navratri Celebration

  1. Which are the best Navratri 2024 wishes?

    • Here are some of the best short and simple Navratri 2024 wishes that you can share with your loved ones:
    1. Enjoy this festive season to your fullest and have fun.
    2. May maa Durga illuminate your life with blessings.
    3. May Goddess Durga guide you, protect you, and give you all the happiness you have wished for.
  2. Which are unique Navratri Captions for 2024?

    • These days we upload online everything we do. And for every image you upload, you need captions. Here are some of the captions you can refer to:
    1. This Garba if you are not dancing all night, you are not doing it right.
    2. Feast and have fun the dandiya raas have begun.
    3. Wishing you a very happy nine nights of devotion.
  3. How will you greet Vijaya Dashami to your near ones?

    • Vijaya Dashami is when we bid adieu to Goddess Durga. It comes right after the ninth day of Navratri. Here are some of the wishes you can refer to while greeting:
    1. This Vijaya Dashami may your family be blessed with happiness and success.
    2. May you conquer all your fears and find peace in life.
    3. Let this Vijaya Dashami positive thoughts and luck surround you.

Ready to hold your memories in hand?