Landscape vs Portrait: Which Orientation to Choose for Printing?

July 03, 2024

Landscape vs Portrait

In the field of photography, the common orientation of pictures is portrait and landscape. These orientations not only focus on the visual appeal of your pictures but also help you to relish your best moments. But do you ever get stuck with which one to go for, portrait vs landscape? We have crafted this write-up for you. It will surely help you out. So, to broaden your understanding, let us dive into it.

Portrait Orientation

Portrait orientation is when a picture is made in the manner that it turns out to be tall than wider. The pictures in portrait orientation are also known as vertical pictures.

Portrait orientation

In simple words, we can say that portrait orientation refers to the pictures that are clicked by holding the camera vertically where the longer side focuses on the height of the photograph. For instance, if you are creating a portfolio for yourself. Portrait orientation is perfect for such pictures.

Whether it is a tall building, a beautiful waterfall or even a single flower that is standing tall can be captured in portrait photo. It draws its focus on specific details which create an intimate mood or even highlights the prominence of the subject. For instance, an image of a tree when clicked in portrait orientation.

The Advantages of Portrait Orientation

Enlisted below are the advantages of portrait orientation.

  • Perfect for capturing and narrating a tale.
  • Creates a personal and intimate connection with the subject.
  • Great for photographing people in detail.

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Landscape Orientation

Landscape orientation dwells on an image that has more width than its height. When we click pictures in this format, they are termed horizontal photos. This sort of orientation showcases vast scenes which have wider perspective.

Landscape Orientation

So, it is perfect to click the nature beauty. It is best for panoramic shots, cityscape and even large family photos. For instance, while if you are capturing the scenic beauty, portrait orientation will focus on the subject. However, landscape orientation will draw its focus on scenic beauty. And now you don’t have to get worried about how to choose wall art for home. You can select your favorite quote and transform it into a print.

The Advantages of Landscape Orientation

Enlisted below are the advantages of landscape orientation.

  • Perfect for capturing landscape scenes.
  • Can induce a sense of wonder.
  • Opens the window of creative composition.
Canvas Print

Difference between landscape and portrait orientation

In the layman terms, the difference between landscape and portrait orientation is the shot has a horizontal or a vertical orientation.

  • Orientation

Portrait: It involves holding the camera vertically which runs from top to bottom.

Landscape: It requires the camera to be held horizontally which runs from left to right. 

  • Emphasis

Portrait: It is particularly perfect for capturing small groups of people or the subjects in vertical element. It helps to emphasize the details, emotions and expressions of the subject.

Landscape: It is ideal for capturing panoramic views and wide scenes.

  • Impact on Mood

Portrait: Focuses on the specific details, thereby making it more personal and intimate.

Landscape: They evoke feelings of wonder and vastness.

  • Composition

Portrait: It has more depth that makes the subject stand out against the background.

Landscape: It uses the rule of thirds when it comes to the composition. Subject

  • Subjects

Portrait: Though it is not limited but it usually includes subjects that have vertical prominence.

Landscape: It includes vast scenes like beaches, cityscapes and a big group of people.

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Choosing Portrait and Landscape Prints for Display

Now you have got a clear understanding of portrait and landscape prints. Let us figure out which one you should choose for your space.

Portrait Prints for Display

Deciding to frame a photograph in portrait or landscape orientation obviously has a huge impact on how your final picture will turn out to be. Both the prints look absolutely amazing when hung at your place. Whether you hang portrait prints or landscape prints in your living room, it is sure to amp up the beauty of your space. After all, your task is to choose the perfect photo print styles for home.

Landscape Prints for Display

When you come across the situation where you must make a choice between portrait and landscape orientation for your pictures, there is no right or wrong answer. Landscape orientation is simply perfect for open scenes such as cityscapes and landscape images. While on the other hand, portrait orientation is perfect for subject oriented shots. So, whichever you go for, it will be a lovely keepsake for you. The shots clicked in landscape orientation become way more attractive when we transform them into acrylic prints for home.

Acrylic Print cta

Concluding Thoughts

When we have already got to know that both are perfect in their own way, then why not try your hands on both. After all, they both hold the ability to upgrade the beauty of your space and let you relive the best moments you have created with your dear ones.

But one thing that you need to ensure is that it should look perfect. And for that reason, you need to download a reliable application. Download Picsy app and we have got you covered. We have a wide variety of themes available for portrait and landscape prints. Order the one that matches up to your taste and relish your lovely moments.


1. How do I decide whether to choose portrait or landscape orientation for my wall art?

  • Both look attractive in their own ways. One is extended in width and the other is extended in length. However, both look amazing when hung in your space.

2. What types of images or art look best in portrait orientation?

  • The shots where you have strong vertical orientation such as a subject, tree, tall building or waterfalls.

3. What types of images or art look best in landscape orientation?

  • The pictures where you captured the scenic beauty of nature or cityscapes look amazing when clicked in landscape orientation.

4. Does the orientation affect printing costs?

  • There is no difference in the cost of both the orientation.

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