Everything You Need to Know About Poster Frame

Updated: January 01, 2024

Vinyl Poster Frame

Hey, does it happen to you that you land up in a situation where you feel like giving an exciting makeover to your home but get confused about what to add? Owing to the latest trend, poster frames have made a space in people’s hearts. We usually get concerned about how to deal with the poster frame and how to select the best one.

More importantly, what are poster frames, and how do they hold the power to beautify the space? We understand! So please relax and go through this informative writing piece. It is undoubtedly going to help you to get your hand on the premium quality poster frame that will make a statement. So, let us dive into the blog, but first, find out what is vinyl poster frame.

Upgrade the Look of Your Space Using Poster Frames

Displaying photo frames is one of the best ways to upgrade the look of your walls. Check out the top-quality home décor art pieces offered by Picsy.

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What is Poster Frame?

A poster frame is a photo frame that makes your memories appear glossy and long-lasting. It has inkjet printing machines that print images over plastic coating. They are absolutely perfect for flaunting your memories, inspirational quotes, etc.

And one of the most widely known advantages of poster photo frames online is that they are quite useful for the corporate sector for the promotion of the brand. Apart from this, they look absolutely fabulous when you display them in your space.

How to Make a Poster Frames Online?

How to make poster frame online?

Good quality poster frames are made of a kind of plastic, usually known as PVC, that make the prints appear glossy. The Inkjet printing machine prints the image on the plastic coating. They are durable and stronger than any other basic frame. The best thing is they are available in various sizes that are suitable for living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc. This way, you can create a poster frame online.

We got to know what poster frames are; now let us figure out the poster frame ideas that we can try in 2024. Enlisted below are the trendy poster frame ideas.

Preserve Your Marital Moments

Your wedding is the time when you get too occupied with everything and usually don’t get the chance to enjoy it to the fullest. In such a case, preserving your marital memories helps you to revisit those special moments.

Select the best shot that you have as a couple and transform it into a poster frame. Whenever you wake up in the morning, you will be filled with romantic thoughts. It is indeed a great idea to wake up with a beautiful memory of you both as a couple. So, order poster frames online from a reliable application.

A Keepsake Devoted to Your Furry Friend

If you have a pet, then you will surely love them. Show some love for them by transforming their pictures into a poster frame to hang in the living room. Whenever you glance at it, you will be reminded of your love for them. In addition to this, it serves as one of the best trending gift ideas.

Poster Frames

Print Up Your Favorite Quotes

We all love quotes as they help us to stay motivated. So, how about turning them into poster frames? Whenever you are having a bad day, and you look at those quotes, they will fill you with optimism. So, select the best ones that you want to display on the wall.

Create a Collage

Let us accept the fact that at we have a good collection of memories. And at times, it gets very difficult to select one best memory among them. In such cases, collage becomes the saviour. Select the few best shots and transform them into a collage vinyl wall frame. It will not only take you on the lane of nostalgia but also adds beauty to your space. So, dig up your collection of memories and select the best ones for the collage. It is one of the best canvas wall art ideas.

Now that we are over with the ideas, let’s understand the benefits of using poster frames as home décor.

Benefits of Poster Frame

There are surely some benefits attached to poster frames. After being aware of the trendy ideas of the poster frame, let us find out the benefits that it carries.

The Durability of Poster Frames

One of the most important benefits of poster frames is that they are durable. And we anyway like the stuff that is durable in nature. They are scratch-resistant, strong, and dampproof, as a result making them perfect for any sort of decoration. It is also a wise investment because it withstands all sorts of weather, be it cold, rainy, or heat.

Quality of Poster Frames

It is a given fact that durability and quality go hand-in-hand. So, as the poster frames are durable, they are of good quality as well. Poster frames provide lifetime durability, so they will, of course, be of great quality.

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Affordability of Poster Frames

When we think of adding keepsakes, we often tend to think that they are going to be heavy on our pockets. But don’t worry. That is not the case with the poster frames. They are extremely affordable, so they don’t create a burden on our pockets.

Vinyl Poster Frame vs Traditional Photo Frame

Vinyl Poster Frame vs Traditional Photo Frame

Often everyone gets confused about vinyl poster frame and traditional photo frame and use them interchangeably. However, there is a difference between the two. So, let us figure out which is better, a vinyl poster frame or vs traditional photo frame.

Vinyl frames are simply a modern alternative to traditional photo frames. One of the undeniable advantages of having a vinyl poster frame is that it does not hide or obscure the picture. However, one thing that you have to focus on is the size of the frame. You can choose the one that suits your requirement, whether to place it in the bedroom or the living room.

On the other hand, traditional photo frames are made of wood and look good, but the main disadvantage is that they are not durable. And this is one of the main reasons why we choose vinyl frames over traditional photo frames.

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Poster Frame Sizes

As far as the poster frame sizes are concerned, there is a variety of options:

Small10x10, 12x12, 16x16, 12x16, 16x20
Medium18x24, 20x30, 12x36, 20x20, 30x30, 36x36
Large14x42, 24x36, 36x46, 30x40, 40x40

All these poster frame sizes might sound a little overwhelming, but you can measure the wall area where you wish to place your poster frame. Choose the large poster frame size for the living room and a little smaller one for your bedroom.

Closing Note on Poster Frame

Now, you got a complete hang of how to beautify your space using poster frames. And you are also aware of the benefits of transforming your memories into poster frames.

To ease your search for a premium-quality poster frame, download the Picsy App. And select the theme that suits you. So, select your good shots to be transformed into a keepsake that you can cherish for a lifetime.

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FAQs Related to Poster Frames

1. What is Vinyl Poster Frame?

  • A vinyl poster frame is a photo frame that makes your memories appear glossy and long-lasting.

2. How can I create and order a Vinyl Poster Frame?

  • You can create a vinyl poster frame by printing your memories on PVC.

3. Why Should You Order Framed Vinyl Photo Prints from Picsy?

  • Picsy offers premium-quality vinyl photo prints that not only beautify your space but also are durable and let you relive the best moments of your life.

Ready to hold your memories in hand?