60+ Useful Yet Cool Graduation Gift Ideas 2024

Updated: January 01, 2024

Best Graduation Gift Ideas

The graduation ceremony is one’s life’s greatest and most significant events, but it’s also one of the most challenging to commemorate with a suitable present. The gifts we give our younger generation and their mates will differ accordingly in respect to every individual child, but rest certain that there are some items that many would like getting.

Since most colleges still do not hold traditional graduation ceremonies due to the pandemic, honoring the class of 2024 may entail finding the ideal present. Graduation gift ideas can always be difficult to come by, but we’ve already done the legwork for you. And in this article, we will share all about it.

I know you are quite excited to know what the list holds, but before that, if you are still wondering if you should or shouldn’t gift something, let me assure you, you must. And here is why:

Importance of Graduation Presents

Importance of Graduation Gifts

Believe it or not, a testamur is not the only thing that addresses one’s hard work. It is a brilliant milestone that pays off the hundreds of sleepless nights, finishing assignments on deadlines and learning pages after pages. Don’t you think the backbreaking requires a token of appreciation? So, why not buy the younger generation a gift of something extra to let them know how proud you are? Speaking of which, if your little one stays far from home, you can also send him or her thoughtful gifts to their address. Now the question is, when exactly should you send it? How will you know that’s the right time, eh? Let’s check out.

When Should You Send a Graduation Gift?

When should you send Graduation Gift?

When it comes to buying a graduation present, there are a few factors to take into account.

Even if you are unable to attend the event, you may wish to send a present in the mail or maybe order something online, as this sort of invitation implies that the host regards you as an important figure of their circle of acquaintances.

If you are sending something online, then consider shipping the present as close as possible to the graduation date. If you cannot anticipate when it will reach, then simply order beforehand so that the present reaches the newly graduated student ahead of time with directions to be unwrapped on their big day.

Many people assume that a gift is anticipated, although a graduation celebration is just that - an announcement. But, not really. There is a series of hardships in the announcement, and hence it is the perfect time to gift something special.

How to Choose a Graduation Gift They Will Love?

How to choose right Graduation Gifts?

If a kid is graduating, it is not the time to ask questions such as your favorite color or whom you love the most? That stage is over. They are grown up now. And graduation day gifts cannot be a set of barbie or hot wheels cars. The kids are looking forward to their future - learning and earning. The gift should dictate what is coming for them. Let’s say your kid or to whom you are going to present what’s to start off their career in the field of journalism – be a photographer or a graphic designer. You can either give them a good digital SLR camera or Adobe Suite as their present. They will forever be grateful.

Now let’s check out some actual gift ideas. I know you have been waiting for the ideas here.

Coolest Graduation Gift Ideas for Him and Her

Presents for graduates can be tough to decide, but our list would definitely help you find some unique graduation gift ideas that you can present on the big day. The first list consists of the coolest graduation gift ideas that you can give both your son and a daughter.


Gifting Airpods

Airpods are none other than Apple’s wireless and quite mobile product. They are Bluetooth headphones specially designed for Apple users. If a just graduate student leaves home for the first time, he or she would need something to distract themselves from the homesick feeling. And what can be better than music or podcasts?

Wallet or Purse

Gifting Wallet or Purse

It is time for them to start making money and a wallet or a purse is a perfect example to appreciate their hard work. Even though they might have a billfold already, but don’t forget to mention them with an added note that why you chose a wallet instead of anything else. Tell them, it’s their first step in the outer world, away from their comfort zone.

Travel Bag

Gifting Travel Bag

It is quite obvious after graduating when he or she will get a job they will have to travel a bit more than before, ticking all the places from their travel checklist. And a travel bag for that reason can come in handy while moving from one place to another.

Smart Watch

Gifting Smart Watch

No matter what you do or how much you start earning, health should always be your first priority. Let your kids know the same and on this big occasion of graduation, present a smartwatch. Let the kid know the importance of tracking pulses, heart rate, blood pressure, and distance walked per day.

Thermo Flask

Gifting Thermo Flask

Now that he or she has graduated, they are going to need so much of that hot cup of liquid wisdom every now and then. Whether tea or coffee, it is going to be your kid’s ultimate power booster. So, we came up with something thoughtful - thermo flask. Whether they want to have it cold or hot, it is going to be a great graduate present.

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College Graduation Gift Ideas for Him

Choosing a gift for the man of the house, whether old or young, can be quite daunting. But with a list of presents, you can ace the ‘graduation gifts for him’ ideas effortlessly. Let’s check out the list.

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College Graduation Gift Ideas for Brother

We will start off the list with ‘graduation gift for brother.’ Surely you can take any of these ideas and gift them to your boyfriend or your son, but if you have a brother, these ideas are just appropriate.


Gifting Hoodie

Now that your brother is going to a new place which can be difficult for him, would you not want to give him something that reminds him of you? How about a hoodie? He will not only have new cloth to wear but will also remind him how he kept considering your wardrobe as his.


Gifting Alexa

Unfortunately, as you will not be around to bring him a glass of water or switch on the light and close the door for him, he is going to miss you so much. But why not give him a replacement? Of course, you cannot be replaced, but metaphorically Alexa can pretty much do a lot of work.


Gifting Deodorant or Perfume

Is your brother one of those people who shower on alternate days, or worse, once in a week? He definitely needs a deodorant or perfume, or it can be hard for him to have new friends. You must save your brother.

Wireless Keyboard Set

Gifting Wireless Keyboard Mouse Set

We know most of the jobs are these days done from home. So, did your brother get a work-from-home job and have a laptop of his own? Then the idea of gifting a wireless keyboard and mouse would be delightful.

Coffee Mug Warmer

Gifting Coffee Mug Warmer

Does your brother keep telling you that his cup of coffee is not hot enough? Perhaps he will keep telling this to his new friends as well. On this very big day of graduation, gift him a coffee mug warmer. So, every time he gets a cup of coffee, he can place it on top of the warmer and have every sip with utter satisfaction.

College Graduation Gift Ideas for Male Best Friend

Graduation gift for boy best friend indicates, any of your close friends who is a boy. Hence, technically these gifts for graduates are for any of your male friends.


Gifting Coffee Mug Warmer

Let the boy plan his days and write journals once in a while. This will not only improve his intellect but will also help him see things clearly and organize his calendar more practically.

Coffee Maker

Gifting Coffee Maker

Not only will owning a coffee maker save him money, but it will also convey a sense to others that he is grave about having a good cup of coffee. Because you know he gets cranky when his cappuccino is overly sweet or too mild.


Gifting Trimmer

In a man’s hairstyling kit, a beard trimmer is a must-have item. A trimmer can help him clean up his winter beard, trying to make it look more deliberate and professional. It can also help him to keep just the right shade of his imperceptible husky beard, as he likes.

Netflix Subscription

Gifting Netflix Subscription

Now that your best friend is going to be out of town, how do you make him feel alright? We have the perfect solution for you - a Netflix gift card. Pay for the monthly subscription and let your mate enjoy some quality time when he is alone.

Comic Book

Gifting Comic Book

Whether it is the series of Marvel or simply Tintin, sometimes going back to childhood with a few comics in hand helps to get through the tough times. If your friend is a comic lover, he will appreciate this thoughtful gift.

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College Graduation Gift Ideas for Son

A graduation gift for son is a must-have. Now that the apple of your eye is moving out, there are tons of things he is going to need. A few of them let be his graduation presents.


Gifting Blanket

He is going to need it no matter where he goes. A new blanket will not only keep him warm but will also give him the comfort of home.

Rice Cooker

Gifting Rice Cooker

A rice cooker not only cooks rice but can also boil vegetables—a perfect graduation gift idea for someone who will live alone.


Gifting Suitcase

Now that your son is going to travel as much as Columbus, he is going to need something to move his stuffs. Get a stylish suitcase for your handsome little hunk.

Power Bank

Gifting Power Bank

Don’t let your son’s battery run down. Gift him a power bank. So, the next time you try to reach him, he can’t give you the forever excuse of battery draining. This could be one of the best college graduation gifts from parents.

Noise Cancellation Headphone

Gifting Noise Cancellation Headphone

Now that no one knows who is going to be his roommate or how noisy the person is going to be, he might need something to defend the situation, and a noise cancellation headphone will surely do that.

College Graduation Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

Let’s check out a few college graduation gift ideas for boyfriend. These are the best graduation gifts for him that you can present in 2024.

Customised Photobook

Gifting Custom Photo Book

A graduation gift for boyfriend should be something that reminds him of you. And what can be better than gifting memories? By that, we mean a photobook. If you are unsure how to make a graduation photo book, you can just go by how your heart says.


Gifting Kindle

Something thoughtful and insightful for your intelligent man – a kindle. So that when he goes to sleep, he can read some interesting stories rather than scrolling Instagram reels.

Amazon Gift Card

Gifting Amazon Gift Card

Now that he moves out, he is going to need a lot of things. Maybe a lot of things you can not imagine right now. For convenience, gift an Amazon gift card instead.

Tool Kit

Gifting Tool Kit

The tool kit consists of a screwdriver, a wrench, and a lot of things that he might require to set his new place. It might not sound too interesting right now, but it is a gift of utility.


Gifting Iron

You want your man to look the most handsome and disciplined – create the first impression right, isn’t it? How can he do that with cringles in his shirt? Iron is the best solution!

College Graduation Gift Ideas for Her

The best graduation gifts for her will make a real difference, but they will cover a wide variety of topics, from a meaningful tribute to her hard work and treasured experiences to practical delights she can’t purchase for herself. Hence, I have compiled a list of creative and pragmatic graduation gifts for her.

College Graduation Gift Ideas for Sister

If you’re seeking the ideal college graduation gift for your sister, look no further. These presents will put a beautiful smile on graduation day, as well as help her decompress after 4+ years of university assignments and examinations and prepare her for the future.

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Night Suit

Gifting Night Suit

To give your sister the comfort of home in your absence is the main aim here. Something that would make her feel light and homely. And what can be a better gift than a night suit in that case?

Smart Table Lamp

Gifting Smart Table Lamp

No wonder who is going to be her next roommate. Will she be able to study late at night or flip the pages of her favorite novel? But a smart table lamp may help where she would be able to adjust the light temperature and brightness.

Kit of Instant Noodles

Gifting Instant Noodles

To soothe your sister’s mid-night cravings, we have something delicious and ever-lasting – a kit of instant noodles. Those packaged noodles are one of a gem, stop hunger and last long enough till you open the pack.

Air Pillows

Gifting Air Pillows

Now that she is going to travel, no wonder how many times, air pillows are going to be a great gift to ease her journey.

Alarm Clock

Gifting Alarm Clock

Imagine your sister has a class at 9 in the morning, she puts the alarm on phone at eight, and then woosh! The phone switches off, and it doesn’t ring. So, she misses her class (or office). Don’t let your sister face so, rather gift her an alarm clock (preferable digital smart alarm clocks).

College Graduation Gift Ideas for Girl Best Friend

Without beating around the bush, a graduation gift for girl best friend would have been quite content with an envelope of cash or a gift card. However, if you want to be somewhat more personal, dynamic, or creative with your college graduation present, you have a lot of possibilities. Are you stumped as to where to begin? Allow us to assist you.


Memento Gift

Since we are talking about best friends, how about a “you are my best friend” memento? All are going to give your friend utility gifts anyway, why not you give her something that she can decorate her room with?

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Best Friend Locket

Best Friend Locket Gift

It is needless to say you do not want your friend to go anywhere. Now that graduation is over, and you both are looking forward to your future, buy a best friend locket. You can ask her to keep the other half of the jewelry as a memory.

Spa in a Box

Spa Box as Gift

She is going to be stressed and so drained in her new phase of life. She would need someone to pamper her and feel relaxed. But since you might or might not be with her, gift her a box of spa with bath bombs, essential oils, massaging oil, and such.

Morse Code Bracelet

Mourse Code Bracelet Gift

There are a lot and lot of secrets between you. Write a message and get a morse code bracelet for your friend. So, when she sees the piece of ornament, she can detect what the message is and no one else.

Fuzzy Slippers

Fuzzy Slippers As Gift

Graduation day gifts can come in many forms, whether something like a rice cooker or a memento. But, here we are recommending a pair of fuzzy slippers. As she anyway needs a pair of slippers to roam around in her dorm, let’s give her something more comfortable and trendier.

College Graduation Gift Ideas for Daughter

Celebrate your daughter’s special day and praise her for another accomplishment. Don’t worry; we’ve put together a list of an extremely cool university graduation gift for daughter list that she’ll definitely enjoy.


Bathrobe Gift

No wonder where she is going to stay and with how many roommates. A luxury bathrobe as a graduate gift will surely help her and also be an extra cloth to wrap around when the weather is cold.


Induction Gift

You know she is going to need an induction. Quite an invention, we must say. No gas cylinder is required yet runs as perfectly as a stove.

Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans As Gift

Is your little girl quite peculiar about her cup of coffee? And stays cranky all day when she does not start her day with a cup of cappuccino? A bag of coffee beans as a graduation gift would be wonderful.

Neck Massager

Neck Massager as Gift

If she needs to work all day long in front of her laptop, her neck and shoulder must feel very stiff. To ease the pain, a neck massager would be a very thoughtful gift. In fact, we would say college graduation gifts from parents can’t be better than this.

Sleep Kit

Sleep Kit Gift

A sleep kit consists of a lip balm mask, eye gel, eye mask, noise cancellation earbuds, and a lot more. To simply put, it is a comfort kit to make you fall asleep in seconds.

Personalized Photobooks

College Graduation Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

You don’t have to cost a fortune to get a graduation gift for girlfriend; there are plenty of unique and reasonable possibilities. The most crucial aspect of your gift is that it conveys to your sweetheart how much you love and wish her to have a good time on her wonderful day.

Beautiful Photo Prints

Beautiful Photo Prints Gift

Believe us; she is going to miss you like the wolf misses the Moon. The best gift you can give her is a part of yourself, and by that, we mean photo prints of beautiful memories together. Whether arrange all the photo prints on the printed photo album or casually put them in a box.


Planner As Gift

Planners are ‘gifts for graduates’ if we have to say. Since everything is going to be new for them now, she needs to plan everything in detail.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Oil Diffuser Gift

Does she like the beautiful smell all around her house and keeps spraying room freshener every now and then? She would possibly love having an essential oil diffuser to keep her room ambrosial and aromatic.

Foldable Laptop Stand

 Laptop Stand As Gift

This gift depends on how heavily she uses her laptop. Too much? All the time? Or does she not take her eyes off the laptop? No matter what, a laptop stand helps the posture to look straight up.

Scratch World Travel Map

World Travel Map As Gift

Does she keep saying she will invest all her money in traveling the world? Get her a scratch world travel map. So whichever places she will cover, she can scratch that off from the map.

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Graduation Gifts Ideas for Doctors, Engineers, and MBAs

Deciding on graduation gifts can be quite daunting at times. Hence, we have listed down a few gifts for fellow doctors, engineers, and MBAs for the special day.

Graduation Gifts for Doctors 

Finding the perfect present to honor the occasion - personal yet practical, useful but distinctive - may be difficult, which is why we’ve put together graduation gift ideas for medical school graduates to cut off the guesswork for you!


Toaster as Gift

You know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Let not your little doctor skip it. A toaster takes only a fraction of seconds to toast a couple of bread.

Lab Coat

Lab Coat As Gift

Today or later, this new graduate fellow is going to need it soon; why not present it on the occasion of graduation?

A Desktop Refrigerator

A Desktop Refrigerator

To have a desk refrigerator for any recent grad student is like a dream. Doctor or not, this gift is going to be appreciated enough.

A Suture Practice Kit

Suture Kit Gift

Something useful for practicing what is necessary – a suture practice kit. Whether you choose a small kit or a big one, it is going to be a wonderful gift.

Heated Mattress Pad

Mattress Pad Gift

If he or she is going to places like Gangtok or Dehradun for work, they might need a heated mattress pad to ease the chilling cold crawling through the spine.

Graduation Gifts for Engineers 

Engineers are infamous for being tough to shop for. They prefer items that are practical, utilitarian, and one-of-a-kind. As a result, here is a list of graduation present ideas for engineers that are appropriate for them.

Foam Ear Plugs

Foam Ear Plug Gift

These are record-breakingly useful things—the ultimate boon for insomniacs. Put them and fall asleep, and the slight noises won’t wake you up anymore.

Gel Cleaner

Gel Cleaner Gift

Engineers need to deal with many types of equipment, especially their laptops. And to clean this electronic stuff without water gets quite difficult at times, hence let the graduation gift for engineers be gel cleaner. It is thoughtful, affordable, and useful.

Electronic Organizer

Electric Organizer Gift

The perfect gift for graduates. An electronic organizer is a bag where you can keep all your wired electronics, such as a power bank, mobile charger, laptop charger, and so on. It is a pretty good option to opt for an electronic organizer than dumping everything in one place and not finding them on time.

Voice Recorder

Voice Recorder  Gift

Noting down all the class notes gets quite difficult at times. If your little engineer is going for post-graduation further, gift her a voice recorder so that whenever required, he can replay the lecture and study.

Graduation Gifts for MBAs

Your MBA graduate student earned a wonderful gift after years of education and hard work. This might be a more business-oriented gift, such as a tech item or an inspirational book. To help them relax after a long day, consider giving them a robe or perhaps a meal delivery service.

The top presents for MBA graduates are listed here.

Notebook Organizer

Notebook Organizer Gift

They have plenty to write and note down, form strategies, and evaluate the right answers for tough marketing questions. A notebook organizer hence would be perfect for them.

Colorful Pens

Colorful Pen as Gift

This is a complimentary graduation gift idea, along with a notebook organizer. Colorful pens help to mark the important words and highlight them for future reference.

Head Massager

Head Massager Gift

Some things are best untold. We all know everyone needs a head massager after a long class or office. It feels great when the body asks for taking a break.

Smart Light

Smart Light Gift

Whether his (or her) roommate stays up late or not, you know your fellow does. Present a smart light. It is one of the unique graduation gifts that are useful, trendy, and acts not only smart but also looks smart.

Extension Cord

Extension Cord Gift

No matter how laughable it does, it is equally useful. A quality extension cord that would support laptop chargers can come at a cost and might as well not look so beautiful as a graduation gift, but it is a gift of utility, perhaps the most important thing one needs while moving out.

Wrapping Up

We hope you liked our list of graduation day gifts. If not, and you are still looking for some more products, check out our application, Picsy. Download the graduation photo albums or a high-quality canvas print, Picsy has it all.

Ready to hold your memories in hand?