17 Spellbound Birthday Card Ideas You Need to Know

January 25, 2022

Birthday Card Ideas for Everyone

To see our loved one’s smile cheeks to ear, we keep getting mystified to find the best possible gifts on their birthday. Don’t we? And why should we not? They deserve the world’s happiness. But what we forget is to tell them what they mean to us. Hence, to add a bit extra to your special gifts, we have jotted down tons of birthday card ideas that you can make for your beloved birthday man or woman.

Birthday Card Ideas for Him 2022

Birthday Card Inspiration for Him

Whether you are looking for a birthday card for brother or birthday wishes for grandfather, this list of birthday cards will help you to make your favorite person’s birthday memorable. Don’t worry, these birthday card ideas are for all – we have covered all of them. Let’s check out.

Birthday Card Ideas for Boyfriend

Have you selected the card for boyfriend’s birthday yet? If not, these birthday card ideas will sprinkle the love you have for him on his day. Let’s check them out.

Box Card

Box Card Birthday Card

Not a conventional card but a box happy birthday card for your man as an ‘out of the box’ idea. Take a cardboard and make a box out of it. Now cut out alphabets and paste your mini message – “I Love You,” “My Birthday Man,” “You Are Irreplaceable,” or anything that you would want to tell him.

Handmade Love

Handmade Love Card

This card idea literally signifies “giving you, my heart.” Isn’t that wonderful? Place your hands on white paper and ask someone to draw the outline. Now cut out the shape of your hands carefully. In between the paper, add a heart fur ball or red heart-shaped paper. So, the moment your boyfriend opens the birthday card design, he will see your metaphoric heart as his birthday gift.

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Birthday Card Ideas for Husband

No matter how many times you have fought over choosing food menus and picking the movies to watch together, you love your crooked man and his child-like attitude. Don’t let the charm of true love fade, and let’s arrange some affectionate birthday cards for your man.

Photobook Birthday Card

Handmade Love Card

Not every card has to look like a card; it can also look like a book full of memories. By that, we mean to say birthday photo books. Collect all the beautiful moments together and let your man preserve them for life.

Woolen Love Balls

Wooden Love Balls for Birthday

For this DIY birthday card, you’d require only four basic things –cardboard, a red wool ball, a scissor to cut them, and glue to stick them. Cut the cardboard into four or five heart-shaped pieces and wrap it with red wool. Now take the remaining cardboard and fold it like a card and hang or paste the woolen hearts around it. See? We are keeping it easy for you.

Love Envelope

Love Envelope Card

This card is quite an ‘upside down’ kind of idea to awe your beloved man. On white paper, cut colored paper and make an envelope. Now, paste the envelope on the white sheet and add a few colored hearts appearing as coming out from the envelope.

Birthday Card Ideas for Brother

No matter how notorious he is with the TV remote and how comically he acts when he shows the fake WWE moves, you will protect him from everyone till you die; your love for your brother is that selfless, isn’t it? Birthday of your dearest brother who, when he ages, feels like you are aging. Hence, a few sweet birthday card ideas for him as well.

Ribbon Cake

Ribbon Cake for Birthday

If you have a little brother whom you love more than the world and want to invite all your close relatives on his birthday, this 1st birthday invitation card idea serves quite rightly. Roll and twist a few colored art pieces of paper, or you may also use ribbons instead and make a birthday cake with candles on top. Believe us; a happy birthday greeting card can’t get easier than this.

Favorite Place Card

Favorite Place Card for Birthday

Is your brother a travel freak and often talks about going overseas? Take a few thermocol plates and craft his favorite sight he would love to visit – is it the Sydney Opera House or the Eiffel Tower? A great way to tell him on his birthday how much you support his dreams. This is one of the most thoughtful greeting card ideas that might take a while to make but is completely worth it.

Birthday Card Ideas for Father

The man who taught you how to walk, also the one who now asks “how to send images over WhatsApp?” – father, the man of wisdom. So, on this special day, a birthday card for a father is a must. If you are wondering how to make a birthday card, don’t worry; these are easy birthday card wishes that you can also use as a birthday invitation card.

Cup of Tea Card

Cup of Tea Card for Birthday

No matter whetehr your dad is a tea person or coffee, he is always something or the other; utterly a ‘cup-person,’ if we may say. Hence, this idea is surely a hit. Draw a cup on a piece of paper and fold it in half. Now carefully cut it, tracing the layout, and you will get a cup card for your dad. If your dad likes flowers, a bow, or anything else, you can add that to the card. But remember, keep a slight space to add the best birthday wishes and messages.

T-Shirt Card

Tshirt Card for Birthday

What is it that your dad loves to wear? Is it a T-shirt, dhoti or leather jacket? With some YouTube tutorials and origami tricks, let’s ace your dad’s birthday card, yeah? The old soul deserves to be pampered for a day, doesn’t he?

Birthday Card Ideas for Her 2022

Birthday Card Inspiration for Her

Women love sweet long sentences and designer birthday cards with a letter written on them make them tickled pink. So, to make all the ladies in your life smile a little louder, we have shared a few ideas on how to make homemade handmade birthday cards.

Birthday Card Ideas for Girlfriend

Are you looking for the right thing to present to your princess? She is perhaps looking for your presence more than anything else. But to be present all the time might not be convenient for all. Why not give her a card? So, when you are not present, she can open the card and read your sweet sentences over and over again.

Card Letter

Card Letter for Birthday

We know, the distance and the resilience seem uncanny between you and your girlfriend. It feels unjustified when you are not present right at midnight when it is her birthday. But the best you can do is write down your feelings on a hand made greeting card and present your love.

Flower Card

Flower Card for Birthday

You sure can give birthday card images and an actual flower, but the flower will eventually die. Why not make something that won’t perish so quickly? If she likes flowers, just like the birthday cake card idea, you can make something floral designs for your sweet fairy.

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Birthday Card Ideas for Wife

Don’t let the love go old but grow old. Don’t forget her birthday. Surprise her; we bet she will be head over heels for the effort you are hoping to put. Of course, you are here for birthday card ideas. So here are a few of them.

Flower Bouquet Card

Flower Bouquet Card for Birthday

Women love flowers, whether its handmade or real. But let’s show some act of kindness to the poor flowers and instead make some with colored art papers, shall we? So what, if it doesn’t look like a card? The effort counts, mate! Moreover, this idea of a birthday bouquet actually looks pretty lit.

Food Card

Food Card for Birthday

Do you think your woman is a foodie? When she sees the last slice of pizza, she hogs it? Well, then she is going to love this birthday card. With colorful macaroni, create a beautiful bouquet of ‘look-alike’ flowers.

Birthday Card Ideas for Mom

We can barely think of something that can touch the level of sacrifices she has made. When we say ‘she,’ we mean every single mom out there. The unbelievable amount of effort and selflessness almost feels like we are dreaming. This can’t be real. How can a human, who looks so much like us, be so Godly, we ask? Nevertheless, at least we should do what we can do for them. Hence here are a few birthday card ideas for your mom to make her feel special and her birthday memorable.

Lace Card 

Lace Card for Birthday

Trust us, mothers like laces. No matter which color or pattern the lace is, she will love this card. Take a handmade paper and cut it into a size of a birthday card. Write your message on it, and then wrap it with the lace. To add more earthiness to the lovely, eco-friendly birthday card, you may also add a flower or a branch of leaves. It is also a great addition to an eco-friendly theme party if you are looking for birthday decoration ideas.

Monochrome Card

Monochrome Card for Birthday

What is your mom’s favorite color? Is it mauve or teal? Did we get it right? No matter what the color is, this is one of those handmade cards which subtly says, “See? I remember,” that too, not only her birthday but her favorite color as well. Sometimes running an extra mile is what makes things extraordinary. Why not try to recall her favorite color and make an easy, simple birthday card handmade?

Birthday Card Ideas for Sister

A sister is a person who is no lesser than your mother or your best friend, right? You know all her little secrets, and so does she. A sister is no less of a protector than a father or brother. Your sister, elder or younger, is the only person who can understand you completely. Don’t you think she would love to hear all these lovely words from you? Why not write her something on a happy birthday card?

Notebook Card

Notebook Card for Birthday

Is your sister the type of person who likes to write a diary? Buy a diary and fill the first page by pasting a handmade happy birthday card. Oh no, you are not done here. As we said, we are here to make your sister feel good. So, write a short birthday note telling how much she means to you in the diary.

Dry Leaf Card

Dry Leaf Card for Birthday

This is a fun DIY birthday card for your younger sister – something she would adore. So what, she can’t read and write yet? She, of course, loves to play. Collect dry leaves from the garden (or compound), and create an animal or anything out of it. Believe it; your little sister will treasure your unique birthday card.

Origami Card

Origami Card for Birthday

It is just another adorable birthday card idea that will be smitten with applause. With the help of a few folds and twists, make Money Heist’s red origami bird or anything else you want. This is surely one in the hundreds birthday card making ideas that can serve as birthday cards for kids

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