7 ideas of how to plan a stunning wedding during COVID-19

December 02, 2020

7 ideas of how to plan a stunning wedding during COVID-19

Get your pandemic safe wedding planning tips from our list of 7 practices and safety measures.

The wedding business has seen sensational changes in patterns throughout the last couple of months. The Big Fat Indian wedding, which genuinely comprises gigantic celebrations and long lists of people attend, has taken a backseat. Close occasions graced by a select few have become the new normal for weddings during COVID-19.

The pendulum consistently swings back, and fabulous weddings that Indians so love are without a doubt, going to return sometime in the future. Nonetheless, regardless of the wedding's size, a protected and sound approach to celebrate will be the need of the times. To assist you with arranging your special day, here is a list of 7 wedding planning ideas and safety measures to make your wedding a momentous occasion even in the face of the pandemic.


1. Security at each point

Security at each point

Social distancing and sterilizing would not do the trick if it's just during the wedding festivities. A great deal of arranging and execution goes into making a wedding, and these measures should be followed at each point. An example would be a recent wedding managed by a leading wedding planner, "For wedding planning during the pandemic; we were given the venue three days earlier, to guarantee under 50 individuals were working whenever we made an efficient schedule with openings. Each worker wore a blue PPE outfit, face shield, veil, gloves, and shoe covers. They followed compulsory hand sterilization every 60 minutes, keeping up social distancing in the venue's back end regions. Post arrangement, we gave the lobby around 6 hours preceding the occasion to permit intensive sterilization before the visitors' appearance, after which, no external defilement was permitted till the occasion started." An aggregate of 64 individuals who joined in, including the sellers, were swab-tried for COVID two days before the wedding, with a lab they had teamed up with. This not just permitted everybody to appreciate with no danger of contamination, it additionally allowed them to unwind without the requirement for covers inside the venue."

2. The show must go on but with social-distancing

The show must go on but with social-distancing

For wedding planning during COVID 19, limitations, difficulties, and safeguards can appear to be overwhelming in the planning cycle. In any case, your wedding is the most exceptional day in your life, and finding a way to guarantee a cheerful and solid festival for yourself and your family is a little cost to pay.

Choosing open spaces with normal green background and cut blossoms and foliage is a simple and better approach to spruce up your style. Many wedding planners capitalize on the many exquisite nursery spaces available with indigenous blossoms sourced from close by, utilizing the most dazzling flower arrangements that change their client's venue into a scene out of a fantasy.

Probably the most effortless way an occasion can execute social distancing is to have it in the outdoors at an external venue.

3. Limit human contact

Limit human contact

One of the primary standards of wellbeing from the pandemic and lockdown wedding planning is limiting human contact. Select a wedding organizer who gives complete service and ideally doesn't have to redistribute occupations to merchants. It lessens the co-ordinations and guarantees better authority over safety and wellbeing measures. The idea wedding planner carefully follows wellbeing estimates like wearing gloves, covers, veils, and standard temperature checks. Having your wedding at your own house is gainful, as you can restrict the passage of individuals and different things to limit the danger factor. You can also utilize your materials and items to limit external pollution.

4. Have a mandated guest list

Have a mandated guest list

Weddings have consistently been a major piece of Indian culture. It is an incredible opportunity to interface with every one of your family members and companions to commend your upbeat minutes. Be that as it may, our friends and family's soundness is consistently fundamental and should be the first concern. Ensure you follow government rules in the district concerning the number of individuals at your venue. You can later have a much larger celebration when the circumstance permits.

5. Nothing says individual like 'DIY'

Nothing says individual like 'DIY'

Perhaps the best part of having a personal wedding is the opportunity for innovative articulation regarding the progression of celebrations, style, and endowments. That's only the tip of the iceberg. With fewer people at the wedding and no enormous scope arrangements or exhibitions required, you can give your very own touch to each occasion, which will be just as genuinely appreciated by your guests.

Set up various stations to convey sanitizers and covers to the visitors through the capacity to guarantee that actual social distancing is kept up, and yet it doesn't disrupt the general flow.

6. Deny 'self-serve'

Deny 'self-serve'

A great deal of human contact can be limited by sorting out buffet eating so that gloved workers can serve plates straightforwardly at the table. Singular workers can be positioned, so visitors don't have to touch numerous surfaces. Food can be ordered from merchants who arrange everything at home with a ton of care. Its delivery can be done in a disinfected vehicle and transported to the venue. Staffed food stations and dispensable cutlery guarantee further wellbeing.

7. Virtual reality is the new reality

Virtual reality is the new reality

Virtual reality is having a significant influence on weddings today and is a vital method to draw in loved ones who can't go to truly. To genuinely feel present in the festivals, request that your friends and family spruce up and sign in and truly be a piece of your day. Innovation can be thoughtfully used to make an incredible virtual encounter. Different cameras can be set up to get a 360-degree perspective on the functions, so virtual visitors feel like they are amidst the festivals. Relatives can likewise send in recordings of moves to be played at the Sangeet and appreciate the live exhibitions on the day for safe interaction

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Wrapping up

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