Ace Your Decoration Game with Picsy’s Vinyl Poster Frames

Remarkably beautiful and meticulously made custom framed vinyl prints especially for you. With Picsy’s contemporary framed vinyl printing, you can adorn your walls with any high-resolution picture from your collection. It’s our job to transform your favorite images into works of art. The Picsy app allows you to order framed vinyl prints for walls, customize them the way you want, and we will deliver them to your door after crafting just for you.

Vinyl Poster Frames

  • High Quality Synthetic PVC Black Frame
  • 240 GSM Museum Grade Quality paper put on a PVC sheet of 6mm depth
  • Custom sizes for your extraordinary space
  • Feel the touch of premium décor piece at an affordable rate

Starts From: 680.00 only

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About Vinyl Poster Photo Frame

Your photos on our Vinyl wall poster frames – the perfect element to elevate the look of your house.

This chic, contemporary house decor was expertly made. Vinyl poster frames are a superb alternative for illuminating your walls with all your chosen photographs. This is why Picsy offers you a framed vinyl printing service. So that every time you enter your space, you can now create a shortcut to your favorite memories.

How to Design Your Vinyl Poster Frames?

Select your favorite pictures, then let us handle the rest. Your Vinyl poster frame, and we’ll have it at your door in a flash.

Step 1Download the Picsy app.

Step 2– Upload the photos you want to print.

Step 3– Choose the size.

Step 4– Place the order.

Vinyl Poster Photo Frame Size and Quality

Framed vinyl prints from Picsy make wonderful home decor that is durable, sleek, and pleasing to the eye. Our craftsmen work extremely hard to make art that is ideal for all circumstances. Given their plastic vinyl coating, Vinyl poster photo frame from Picsy are the epitome of aesthetic beauty. With its potential to capture minute details, framed vinyl prints are one-of-a-kind home décor that brings life to memories.

The Vinyl poster photo frame sizes that Picsy provides are (in inches):

12x16 , 16x20 , 18x24 , 20x30 , 12x36 , 14x42 , 24x36 , 36x46 , 30x40 , 10x10 , 12x12 , 16x16 , 20x20 , 24x24 , 30x30 , 36x36 , 40x40

Why Should You Order Vinyl Poster Photo Frame from Picsy?

Because we create framed vinyl prints with care and make your memories come alive. Whether you print a family photo or minimal wall art, framed vinyl print is just for you – something classy and significant. The sleek style will not only capture the attention of your visitors but will also make them wonder to get one for them. Why not woo your visitors? Make them fall in love with your décor. And you get a chance to fall for your old memories as well. Moreover, if you are looking for a last-minute gift, framed vinyl prints are just perfect.

Download the Picsy app, and get your favourite photos ready to send us!


  • What are Vinyl Poster Photo Frames?

Graphics are printed using vinyl, which is then wrapped around a wooden frame.

  • What are Vinyl Poster Photo Frames made of? 

In essence, printable vinyl is constructed of a smooth, coated plastic.

  • Is Vinyl Poster Photo Frame printing durable?

Yes, it is very durable.

  • Are Vinyl Poster Frame waterproof? 

Yes, it is waterproof.

  • What is special about Vinyl Poster Frame?

It is durable, waterproof, and aesthetically beautiful.

  • How can I create and order a Vinyl Poster Frame?

Download the Picsy app, upload the photos, customize and order.

  • How much does it cost to print on Vinyl Poster Frame?

Our framed vinyl prints start from Rs. 680.

  • What are the production and delivery times for Vinyl Poster Frame?

It depends on the number of prints ordered. However, it takes about 10 to 12 working days approximately.

  • How can I hang my Vinyl Poster Frame?

You can mount with clips, hook or keep it on shelves.

  • Why choose Picsy for my Vinyl Poster Frame?

Because we provide durable and HD quality framed vinyl prints at a reasonable rate.

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