Tell Your Tale with a Life Story Photo book

November 09, 2021

Life Story Photobook

Our lives are one long adventure interspersed with many tiny ones, our travels, and interactions with other people being a substantial part of them. Whether you choose to travel with a group or have a go at the great outdoors like a lone-wolf, the adventures you have in life shape you as a person while bestowing you with varied experiences. As life progresses and you acquire experience, you also learn to look within and understand your purpose as you interact with the world's collective consciousness.

This rings true for both globe-trotting adventurists and those who prefer a cozy flip-through while sipping a hot cuppa. What matters are the experiences and memories you create.

You probably remember sitting with your siblings, analyzing your family photo albums, ring binders with hundreds of photographs inside in the days gone by. These memory albums retold the story of your childhood, for some, starting from the very day you were born. They included memories like first birthdays, Christmas eve, or even your first school uniform.

Not only that, but these albums also wove in everyday moments from your life, like a trip to the park or the beach with your parents, waking up on graduation day, dressing up in your mom's saris, or even pictures of you painting yourself more than the canvas in front of you.

Whenever you look back at memories from the past, 'time flies' seems like a gross understatement. In today's norm of snapping numerous photos with your smartphone, sharing some of them on social media, and then forgetting all about them, the value of a printed photograph has never been higher. So, if you want to create a physical journal that documents your life, now is the perfect time to start, and here is why.

Why Should You Make a Life Story Book with Your Digital Photos?

Whenever you look back at memories from the past, 'time flies' seems like a gross understatement. In today's norm of snapping numerous photos with your smartphone, sharing some of them on social media, and then forgetting all about them, the value of a printed photograph has never been higher. So, if you want to create a physical journal that documents your life, now is the perfect time to start, and here is why.

1. Technology Can Be Unreliable

Digital Photography

We all love technology. Our smartphones allow us to answer emails at random times, find answers to tricky trivia questions, and snap hi-res photos instantly and effortlessly.

But with the onset of digital photography, the way we use the photos we snap has also changed. Today, you can find your photos everywhere - from Facebook to Instagram, Dropbox, Google Drive, and many more.

But is it right for your baby's first birthday pictures to be living on a pen drive at the bottom of your work desk drawer? The best way and we have said this many a time, is to print out your picture into an exquisite memory book online, one that you, your family, and friends can flip through time and time again, each time revisiting the precious memories captured within.

2. Without Photos, You Might Forget Some Special Moments

Professional Photography

Remember the big ones? The day your child was born, the senior year at high school, the final days of pregnancy. These were special moments where you invested quite a bit of money on professional photography to capture in the perfect way possible.

Nothing recaptures the butterflies that fluttered in your stomach before walking down the aisle like a couples' memory book. But how does one relive these magical moments in the humdrum of daily life where these memories are on a disk or a pen drive inside a long-forgotten storage cabinet?

The feeling of holding memories in your hands is priceless, and with photo prints online, you will never have to forget your special memories.

3. For When Every Day is Special

New Born Baby Photography

Professional photos make great memories photo albums, but the albums that truly stand out are those depicting real life, capturing candid moments of your friends, family, and loved ones.

Quick pics of your child's artwork, the way your loved one looks while sleeping, or your dad playing with his grandchildren, all these make some truly unforgettable vignettes of real life.

These moments might not be big, but they are not insignificant by any means. They help you recall how you looked in the past or how you felt at that moment. It doesn't matter if the memory was brave, happy, or bittersweet. Photo prints online capture all of them in the form of memorable keepsakes.

4. To Stand the Test of Time

Best Family Trip Photography

Printing technologies and quality have come a long way. Now you no longer have to print each photo and insert them into sometimes cumbersome plastic sleeves. Instead, you can print a beautiful photo book online and have all your favorite photos in it. Not to mention that photo books are built to stand the tests of time. Creating a photo book or a photo album is easier than ever with custom design services.

Now, not only are you creating a beautiful keepsake, you are creating a family heirloom, one that your children can flip through someday and relive your times.

5. For Your Children and Their Children

Family Reunion Photobook

To look back in time is nothing short of priceless. Think of the day when your grandchildren will flip through photos of Grandma and grandpa's wedding day. Or think of the ability to pass around your 2020 family photo book in 2050 for a family reunion. Imagine the stories and moments that can be told and shared.

It is an extremely comforting feeling to know that ten or even twenty years from now, your children will be able to flip through pictures of when they were baby's and see how much love you showered on them during that sleepless, magical, and crazy first month at home with them.

How To Make a Life Story Book?

The journey of our life is invigorated by the adventures we have. The exotic tastes, the fruity smells, and the breath-taking views we experience all become a part of our journey's story. This is probably why both meeting old friends and meeting someone new makes us feel so joyful. All you have to do is choose the right photobook partner and upload your images to create a vibrant flip-through.

5 Life Story Book Ideas

Lost in the day-to-day bustle that we call life, memories of our experiences begin to fade after some time. Don't worry. We present- Life Story books, made especially for you to preserve all the mystical, magical moments we steal from the routine of daily life. And what’s more, with us you can also create a memory book gift for your loved ones. Here are 5 amazing Life Story Book Ideas-

1. Capture The Vista

Life Story Vacation Photobook

Your Life Story book should encompass all aspects of your life, from you and your old pals hanging out together to an itinerary of a planned vacation and all of the events, sights, and details that are so easy to take for granted.

2. Keep Track of The Little Things

Trip Memories Photobook

Be sure to save tickets, receipts, business cards from hotels, restaurants, and stores for use in your Memory Book. Pictures are always important, but the little titbits of memorabilia are just as important in preserving your trip memories.

3. Capture Every Delicious Moment

Best Foodies Photobook

If you have a wonderful meal, take a photo of the waiter or the restaurant owner. It's a cool keepsake to have, along with your foodie photos.

4. It is All About Perspective

Candid Photography

Take photos looking straight up or laying on the ground—Snap pictures of the locals if you are out on a trip, preferably in traditional outfits. Candid shots are always a win-win.

5. Keepsakes are Awesome

Amazing Postcard Photography

Grab postcards wherever you can. Just in case you're wrapped up in the scenery and forget to take photos, at least you have something to remember the day.

Even the smallest details matter when you're truly living in the moment. Take photos of the architecture around you, the street signs, the stores, and the people you meet. You'll be glad that you did.

Design Your Own Life Story Book with Picsy

DIY Life Story Book

Every element of the Life Story book you create is completely customizable with a wide range of themes, templates, and layouts for your Life Story book. If you feel creative or want to try a DIY Life Story book, you can create your Life Story book album completely from scratch with your layout and design. You can upload photos of elements you have collected in your travels, like business cards, signatures, or even ticket stubs, for an extra layer of personalization. Check out a step by step guide to make your own photo book online here.

In addition to entirely customizable layouts, templates, and font styles, every DIY Life Story book is unique. Choose between glossy and matte finishes to suit your aesthetic and sense of style.

  • Small- 8 inches X 6 inches
  • Medium- 11 inches X 8.5 inches
  • Large- 16 inches X 12 inches

All Picsy photo albums come with professional binding and are printed on premium-quality paper. Picsy also offers you a choice of paper. Choose between glossy and matte finishes to suit your aesthetic and sense of style.

In Summation

With our easy-to-use, intuitive Picsy app, creating your Life Story photo album online by giving it a professional touch is child's play. Create an exquisite piece of memorabilia in the form of a Life Story book. So how do you go about it? Simple-

  • Download the app
  • Choose your theme and custom layout or create one of your own
  • Upload photos from your smartphone or laptop
  • Have your Life Story book delivered to your doorstep

So, what are you waiting for? Download the Picsy app now and create an amazing Life Story book and photo books online to preserve your life's most memorable moments for years to come.

Ready to hold your memories in hand?