Canvas Floating Frames

A bang-on unique décor to romanticize homes and offices! Top off your walls with Picsy’s canvas floater frames and step into the world of conscious illusional fashion.

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Canvas Floater Frames for Your Walls

20 x 20 canvas floating frame20 x 20 canvas floating frame
20" x 20"
24 x 18 canvas floating frame24 x 18 canvas floating frame
24" x 18"
30 x 20 canvas floating frame30 x 20 canvas floating frame
30" x 20"
12 x 12 canvas floating frame12 x 12 canvas floating frame
12" x 12"
16 x 12 canvas floating frame16 x 12 canvas floating frame
16" x 12"

In - Room view

Get a floating frame for canvas printing to complement the walls of your delusional dream bedroom.

Purchase a synthetic canvas floating frame online for your living room to welcome every visitor with your unique and lively family story.

Nourish the soul, feed the body, and treat your eyes with Picsy’s canvas floating frame in your dining room.

Spruce Up Your Walls with Canvas Floater Frame

Custom floating picture frames to redefine the style of your walls. Whether you add the pictures from your last trip or print a cinematic moment with the love of your life, with a tint of sparkling emotion, canvas floater frame is an excellent choice. With a synthetic canvas frame, this thoughtful décor can turn out to be your new favorite addition to your house.

Details of Canvas Floating Frames

  • Canvas print with synthetic floating frame
  • Elegant color frames to suit your décor
  • Available in Black or White frame with 340 GSM premium cotton canvas
  • All hardware elements are included that is required for installation

Starts From: 900.00 only

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About Floating Canvas Frames Online

Buy Canvas floating frame – it adds a new spectrum to your interior décor.

Looking for a surprise gift to awestruck your beloved person? Order Picsy’s floater canvas frame online and let them cherish your thought behind it. This float frame on a canvas gives the reflection of an artwork floating within the frame. It is a durable, HD-quality floating frame that gives a sense of neatness and work of sagacity. Choose the best photos from your folder and allow us to convert them into a real art piece giving a sensation of multi-dimension. With shallow depth synthetic frame printing, create your own style statement.

How to Order Canvas Floating Frames Online?

Choose your favorite images and upload them on the Picsy app. We will take care of the rest. You guarantee your pictures on floating frame canvas print will be created with utter care and dedication that would be worth mounting in your lovely home.

Step 1Download the Picsy app.

Step 2– Upload the photos you want to print.

Step 3– Choose the appropriate size.

Step 4– Place the order.

Canvas Floater Frame Online Sizes and Quality

Canvas floating frames from Picsy are gorgeous, long-lasting, and aesthetically satisfying wall decor items. Our artisans put in a lot of effort to create artwork that is perfect in every setting. Canvas floater frames from Picsy are the pinnacle of aesthetic attractiveness due to their 3D-like floating effect. They are irreplaceable home décor that pours new life into memories, thanks to their capacity to capture even the smallest details and HD quality print.

The sizes of canvas floater frames online that Picsy offers are (in inches):

12x16 , 16x20 , 18x24 , 20x30 , 12x36 , 14x42 , 24x36 , 36x46 , 30x40 , 10x10 , 12x12 , 16x16 , 20x20 , 24x24 , 30x30 , 36x36 , 40x40

Why Should You Order Canvas Floating Picture Frame from Picsy?

Picsy offers you quality canvas picture frames that look phenomenal on the wall at an affordable rate. Easily mount or paste with adhesive tape and give a new look to your interior décor. Whether you choose it big or small, this 3D sensation floating frame with do justice to your artsy vibe. Tailor-make your artwork with Picsy’s custom floating frame and leverage your home art gallery. The icing on the cake –serves as a perfect gift for any occasion. Whether it is a reunion, birthday, or even anniversary, a floating frame for print can be the savior as your last-minute gift idea. Get your skates on and download the picsy app to get your artwork done today.

FAQs about Floating Frame for Canvas

  • What is canvas floating frame online?

It is a picture stretched on a canvas with an additional frame giving it a 3D floating vibe.

  • What is the difference between canvas and floating frame?

Canvas art is images printed on a canvas sheet stretched on a wooden frame. Whereas a floating frame is canvas art put on a frame giving it an illusional floating effect.

  • What is the difference between a floating frame and a regular frame?

A floating frame has no lid that gives the picture a floating effect. In a regular frame, the pictures are often pressed behind glass.

  • How does a floating canvas frame work?

A floating frame adds aesthetic value and perception of multi-dimensional depth to the overarching presentation.

  • How much space do I need for a floater frame?

floater frames for canvas art are custom-made according to the size you would require.

  • What is a wood floater frame?

Canvas print put on a wooden frame giving it an illusion of floating art.

  • What does a floating picture frame look like?

It is crafted with brilliance, giving an envision of an artwork floating within a frame.

  • What is special about Canvas Floating Frame?

It gives the artwork an exceptional look of floating within a frame when mounted on a wall.

  • How can I create and order a Canvas Floating Frame?

Download the Picsy app, upload the images you want to print, choose the size and frame style, and place the order.

  • How much does it cost to make Canvas Floating Frame?

Our canvas floating frame starts from Rs. 900.

  • What options are available for a floating frame?

Picsy offers synthetic canvas floating frame.

  • What are the production and delivery times for a floating frame?

It depends on the number of prints ordered. However, it takes about 10 to 12 working days approximately.

  • What sizes and formats are available for a floating frame?

Picsy’s canvas floating prints are custom made for your walls according to the size you’d need.

  • How can I hang my Canvas Floating Frame?

You can mount them on the wall with a hook or paste with strong adhesive tapes.

  • Why choose Picsy for my Canvas Floating Frame?

Picsy creates your floater frames online with attention to detail at an affordable rate.

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