Picsy Rewards is Picsy’s loyalty program which is open for all registered users on Picsy. A user has to simply register to be eligible to join the program.

No. There is no membership fee to participate in Picsy Rewards program. All you need to do is to download and register on Picsy App to earn Reward Points.

You get certain perks for earning Picsy reward points. You can earn Reward Points by signing up on Picsy, referring friends and various other ways. Check How to Earn section in the app to know current offers to earn points. These points can be redeemed for ordering various photo products on our checkout page.

There are several ways to earn Reward Points. Check in How to Earn section in the app to know current offers to earn Reward Points.

You will earn Reward Points for purchasing photo products from Picsy as per the current offers. As it is variant, do check our current offers on How to Earn section to know how many points you will earn on each transaction.

Yes. You will earn points for purchases made on Picsy. See current offers to see how many points will be earned on your transaction. No Reward Points will be awarded for purchases already made before the launch of the program.

One Reward Point equals value of Rs.1 during checkout on Picsy. Reward Point is a virtual currency and holds no real monetary value. This will be used to facilitate transactions on Picsy only.

You can earn Reward Points by various activities on Picsy App. Each will have different validity. Check in Reward Points section in the app to know your active points and its validity. All reward points that have not been redeemed will expire at the end of the period.

You can redeem Reward Points to avail discounts while ordering photo products from Picsy on checkout page.

No. Reward Points used to avail offers once will not be reversed.

Yes. You can redeem your active Reward Points for your next purchase on Picsy.

There is no upper limit on the number of points you can earn in a year. Keep referring your friends to earn more reward points.

No. Your membership is tagged to your user id and you may feel free to change device or phone number and yet retain your membership. Just make sure that your phone number is updated on your profile.